relishboi hey gave elastigirl the main role in incredibles 2 to make up for the fucked up shit they made her do in the first one airfierce kay first of all she is their MOTHER and she did NOTHING less than keeping her family SAFE airfierce okay first of all she is their MOTHER and she did NOTHING less than keeping her family SAFE lookin4something Yo what? She was a liscenced pilot who had enough connects and respect to get a fuckin in less than 24 hours then saved her family nd humanity Being thic is a biproduct of her kicking ass all day every day tell me I'm wrong midnight-revelation Helen Par was undoubtedly The Hero of The Incredibles She single-handedly saved her two children from a plane explosion fter piloting the HELL out of a government jet She then all but single-handedly saved her husband Mirage beat her to it by milliseconds And to top it off she let herself be thrown at least 40 meters into the air to save her baby that was in free fall Bob may have been out there kicking ass and looking good Incredible throughout that entire movie It's like she said in the beginning of the movie doing it but ElastiGirl was Mrs Fucking at the top of my game! I'm right up there with the big dogs! Girls come on! Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don't think so! I don't think so midnight-revelation ALL WHILE her husband Mr Incredible was running around out for days at a time being too In family to be fair he was getting paid serious credible to help his wife raise their ney for it and he just lost his job so it was win-win for him But while he was trying to e a superhero again she was at home being a supermother to her chaotic superpowered children and a superwife to her suspicious a ing husband even as evidence started piling up that painted Bob's recent actions in an un- flattering light ElastiGirl had the main role in ct he Incredibles lII because it was exactly what she deserved It was her time to run around and be Incredible while Bob raised the kids Source relishboi elastigirl discourse Meme









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