REI TILtilthat I L TIL that Spain had a king who was so malformed due to incest that he couldn't close his mouth and ended up destroying his entire dynasty via ifttt neeetsocks thats just how spaniards be whittneydoll hey lil mama lemme whisper in ya ear friendly-neighborhood-patriarch the monumental ugliness of El Hechizado always astonishes me nunyabizni The Hapsburg's were a unique bunch weren't they nobodys-favorite-machinist The Ancestry of King Charles II of Spain 1661-1700 Philip of Castile 1478-1505 Joanna of Castile 1479-1555 Charles V Holy Roman Emperor 1500-58 Isabella of Portugal 1503-39 Isabella of Burgundy 1501-26 Anna of Bohemia and Hungary 1503-47 Ferdinand I Holy Roman Emperor 1503-64 Christian I of Denmark 1481-1559 Philip of Spain 1527-96 Christina of Denmark 1522-90 Anne of Albert V Duke Habsburg of Bavaria 1528-90 1528-79 Mana of Spain 1528-1603 Charles of Austria 1540-90 Maximillan II Holy Roman Emperor 1527-76 Francis 1 Duke of Lorraine 1517-45 Anne of Austria 1549-80 Maria Anna of Bavaria 1551-1608 Renata of Lorraine 1544-1602 William V Duke of Bavaria 1548-1626 Margarita of Austria 1584-1611 Philip I of Spain 1578-1621 Maria Anna of Bavaria Ferdinand II Holy Roman Emperor 1578-1637 1574-1616 Maria Anna of Spain 1606-46 Philip V of Spain 1605-65 Ferdinand III Holy Roman Emperor 1608-57 Manana of Austria 1634-96 Charles l of Spain 1661-1700 His family tree was a fucking Christmas wreath his body did not contain a single drop of blood his heart was the size of a peppercorn short lame epileptic senile his lungs corroded his intestines rotten and gangrenous completely bald before 35 he had a single testicle black as coal always on the verge of death he repeatedly bafled Christendom by continuing to live his head was ul fwater In case you wanted to know what his coroner thought of him Spanish History 30 Times Tumblr Accidentally Taught Me Something While Making Me Laugh Meme





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