radfemfrommars It's not safe at night GG It's only not safe because there are men around There's no safer place then being with 18 women in the woods drinking wine making a fire and shooting guns That's the safest l've ever felt The only problem was the woman who wanted to bring her boyfriend nerdylilpeebee If there are 18 of you and you have guns why would one girl bringing her boyfriend make you less safe???? You have GUNS The guy would be insane to try anything Are you that deathly afraid of men that they terrify you even when they completely are outnumbered and outgunned?????? radfemfrommars One woman bringing her boyfriend would make us less safe First we didn't want him around because he didn't belong there That wasn't the point of us all getting together She wanted to bring her boyfriend and 12 of us gave a hard no so he didn't get to come along That's the end of it I'm not leaving some man to roam around in the woods at night with us all spreading out every now and then Say he tried something and one of us beat him or shot him you think they'd believe us? Some whitebread yuppie beaten or shot by a bunch of feminazis in the woods doing witchy shit? I already see the news about how he had so can much to give the world and he was a good kid there's no way he would do that! despite him being 23 they're always kids in the eyes of the media being afraid of men I don't fear So as far as me an individual man I fear the patriarchal system that would protect him even in death #men are the problem #this is why lesbian separatism is a thing Meme











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