rСС2 Posted by u13104598210 10h Ranking of girls across Asia Alright it's time to settle this once and for all--where are the hottest girls in Asia While this debate has raged for centuries I think we can all finally agree on the following God Tier Korea - look there's a reason why K-pop is popular around the world and it sure as fuck isn't the music Yeah maybe they get a shitton of plastic surgery but it doesn't make them look like grey aliens like in the guo so they win Japan - while the girls aren't as hot as in Korea they have bigger boobs and don't resort to plastic surgery as often which is a major win Plus porn so that's an obvious one Vietnam - want to find hot Chinese girls who don't spend all their money on plastic surgery that makes their chins look like shovels? Go south to Vietnam young man--there's a reason those men fought like hell to protect their country from outsiders and it's the hot chicks Okay Tier China - maybe 20 years ago China would be god tier but what happens when you combine third-world taste Chinese quality and nong access to cash? The most fucked up uncanny valley plastic surgery ruined women on Earth The Glorious Revolution has taken our beautiful China Girls away from us yet another reason to hate Zedong and his ilk Taiwan - Taiwan would almost hit God Tier if they didn't tend to combine the worst of Japanese and Chinese fashion plus they've hit the Apgujeong plastic surgery circuit a bit too much Get your shit together Taiwan Thailand- This is a tough one but I live in Thailand so I feel I have some authority on this Yessome of the women have the hideous SEA wide nose dark skin round body mess that makes the tropical countries inhospitable for sexpats with taste but there are also plenty with Chinese or Laotian ancestry who are still hot Plus they don't get plastic surgery as much which is a big plus OTOH there isn't a single girl in the country larger than a B cup Meh Tier Laos - Laotian women have a lot going for them- beautiful skin thin bodies nice attitudes--but they simply can't take care of themselves well enough for their natural beauty to shine through It's a tragic tale of communism destroying the flower of the country But it's illegal to fuck Laotian girls as a waiguo so whatever Burma - Have you ever seen a Burmese woman? They're actually really cute underneath that weird yellow paste they put on their faces Get your shit together Burma Shit Tier Philippines - Imagine the ugliest Hispanic chick you've ever met hooked up with the ugliest Asian dude you've ever met and they had kids Welcome to the Philippines Indonesia- Tiny brown women with broad noses hiding their hair from Mohammad Hard pass Cambodia - Brown broken down and miserable from decades of genocide and poverty this country has literally raped itself out of its hot girls Any sexpat who says he goes to Cambodia for the women is a pedophile end of That's because the CIA funded Pol Pot you dumb prick Imao Share 33 65 Ranking M'ladies Meme











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