Purple Primary Silver Secondary Black Tertiary Blue primary black primary green secondary silver tertiary Light Blue Primary Orange Secondary Teal Tertiary Red secondary gold tertiary? whats this second darker blue where the secondary color should go? why are the sec- ondary accents where the tertiary colors should be? Fine sometimes but almost com- pleterly erases the gold This model puts its secondary colors in places where it's tertiary should go creating a sense of unbalanced bluered and far less gold or yellow than it should have This model accomplishes what the paris model set out to do- they put black on hips where other model's secondary and sometimes tertiary color goes This gives Houston a larger primary-to-sec- ondary color ratio Worth noting that most skins for London are actu Same breakdown as London ally bright blue primary teal secondary and orange accents It could be argued that orange is stll teri tary in this model but thats almost more damning for paris Where is their red arm? Why again is his shitty hoody red? because gold doesnt work? shouldnt it have been blue instead? and then have the hip pad underneath and arm both be red? be argued tha ost more damn his ody red? becauS nstead? aered? a much more pronounced gold color from a team without any gold even in their logo OMEGALUL Special callout for the dragon skin They decided to use their primary red color in the legs where every other team puts their tertiary color very interesting choice *where did the two different blues go from the doomfist model? here theres only one- why is gold so bronze compared to doomfist? Why do they try to make the skin redblue split even here but more blue on doomfist? only one Look at that sweet gold shine paris whatchu doin sweetie P A RIS ETERNAL overwatchleaguepride Lets talk about Paris……beyond the uninspired color choice Let’s ignore that paris and DC and ugh fineeee nyxl have the same-ish colors There’s some big things wrong here at least in my opinion1 On doomfist’s skin Paris attempts a unique choice that only nyxl houston and seoul have done They try to push the primary color Look at the Houston doomfist skin vs the London and Glads one While all technically have three colors Houston looks overwhelmingly more like it’s primary black color and then green and then if you really look you can see the silver tertiary color Paris attempts this- but does one weird thing they introduce a fourth color Where the inside of his arm should be red they put a second darker blue hmmm2 In contrast to that on Widow they seem to give up on the idea of a more dominant blue color and don’t follow the nyxlhoustonseoul model of more primary color and less secondary Here they do what all the other teams do and put primary on body secondary on legs and accent on armor bits and leggy criss-cross things Exceeeeept… they dont have their gold accents non the hips! Why if they’re not going to do what nyxlhoustonseoul do and push the primary? All it servers to do is make the redblue size difference even more even! Also- their gold on her is… bronze looking Much much darker than the gold on doomfist or on the other team Weird 3 The logo Hoo boy that logo Why do they have that terrible contrast? Why is the largest brightest piece of it the yellow if they’re going a use gold and b hide the gold on their skins anyway? Why push the blue primary on their logo and on some skins but not on other skins? …anyway- I’m gonna assume this is super boring to most people but if anyone likes design I’d love to hear what you think! Meme











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