PRAY FOR THE WICKE RP STARTER MEME <p><a href=httpjeanbeanmemestumblrcompost175161423268various-lyrics-from-the-panic-at-the-disco-album class=tumblr_blog>jeanbeanmemes<a><p><blockquote> <p> <small><i>Various lyrics from the Panic! At The Disco album Feel free to change anything to adapt better for RP purposes This is part two of the lyrics<i><i>! <i><b><i>Some lyrics may be triggering<i><b><small><p> <h2><b>Dancing’s Not A Crime<b><h2> <ul><li><small>I’m a moon-walker I’m like MJ up in the clouds<br><small><li> <li><small>I know it sounds awkward<br><small><li> <li><small>I’m filthy as charged<br><small><li> <li><small>You’re a sweet talker but darlin’ whatcha gonna say now?<br><small><li> <li><small>The midnight marauders the higher never come down<small><li> <li><small>You can’t take me anywhere<br><small><li> <li><small>I’m still uninvited I’m still gonna light it<br><small><li> <li><small>I’m going insane and I don’t care<small><li> <li><small>Dancing dancing dancing’s not a crime unless you do it without me<small><li> <li><small>If you’re night crawlin’ with him I won’t take it lying down<small><li> <li><small>I’ve got a few lawyers and you’re guilty as charged guilty as charged<small><li> <li><small>We could be waltzin’ but darlin’ don’t be throwing shade now<small><li> <li><small>Don’t call me Saint California if you’re at another altar<small><li> <li><small>Just gimme your vows<small><li> <ul><h2><b>One Of The Drunks<b><h2> <ul><li><small>Orange juice pour out half the carton Grey Goose pour it get it started<br><small><li> <li><small>Good times remedy your sorrows<br><small><li> <li><small>Baptize don’t worry ‘bout tomorrow<small><li> <li><small>Shake it up shake it up <br><small><li> <li><small>Now it’s time to dive in<br><small><li> <li><small>Share a cup share a cup<br><small><li> <li><small>Now you’re screwdriving<br><small><li> <li><small>Every weekend with your friends every weekday when it ends<br><small><li> <li><small>Damn it’s all good I guess<small><li> <li><small>This is what it feels like when you become one of the drunks<br><small><li> <li><small>Searching for a new high high as the sun uncomfortably numb<br><small><li> <li><small>This is what it feels like when you become one of the drunks Welcome to the club!<small><li> <li><small>Never dry every day you’re thirsty<small><li> <li><small>Bourbon high sip it till you’re tipsy<small><li> <li><small>Night’s young searching for a feeling<small><li> <li><small>Big fun dancing with the demons<small><li> <li><small>Holy Spirit grips you like a pistol<small><li> <ul><h2><b>The Overpass<b><h2> <ul><li><small>Let me hear you say something<br><small><li> <li><small>I’m sorry to get sentimental tonight<br><small><li> <li><small>That perfume lingers in your hair<br><small><li> <li><small>It’s just that everything reminds me of things I thought I shouldn’t have to see again <br><small><li> <li><small>See the thing is I’m so sorry to say you need me don’t you?<br><small><li> <li><small>Someone still loves you<small><li> <li><small>Meet me at the overpass<small><li> <li><small>Sketchy girls and lipstick boys troubled love and high speed noise<small><li> <li><small>I know you wanna meet me at the overpass<small><li> <li><small>Tiny bottles of shit wine in a tin can that climbs<br><small><li> <li> <small>I remember every time everything about you is perfect down to your blood type<small><br><li> <ul><h2><b>King Of The Cloud<b><h2> <ul><li><small>Heaven knows that I’m born too late for these ghosts that I chase<br><small><li> <li><small>With these dreams I inflate painted skies in my brain<br><small><li> <li><small>Every day I’m Carl Sagan in space to escape this old world<br><small><li> <li><small><br><small><li> <li><small>Some days I lie wide awake &lsquotil the Sun hits my face and I fade elevate from the Earth<br><small><li> <li><small>Far away to a place where I’m free from the weight this old world<small><li> <li><small>I don’t trust anything or anyone below the Sun<br><small><li> <li><small>I don’t feel anything at all<br><small><li> <li><small>I’m King of the clouds I get lifted<small><li> <li><small>Some only live to die I’m alive to fly higher than angels in outfields inside of my mind<br><small><li> <li><small>I’m ascending these ladders I’m climbin’ say goodbye to this old world<small><li> <li><small>When I fall to rise with stardust in my eyes in the backbone of night I’m combustible <br><small><li> <li> <small>Dust in the fire when I can’t sleep a wink I’m too tired<small><br><li> <ul><h2><b>Old Fashioned<b><h2> <ul><li> <small>Once upon a thrill from a kiss to a swill we were swallowing the nights like we have nine lives <small><br><li> <li> <small>Dead and gone so long seventeen so gone<small><br><li> <li><small>We were bored like kids with a book of disorders medicating every day to keep the straightness in order<small><li> <li><small>It’s the false side of hope where believers concede and there’s only memories when it’s over<small><li> <li><small>Pour out some liquor make it an old fashioned <small><li> <li><small>Remember your youth and all that you do the plank and the passion<small><li> <li><small>They were the best of times they were the best of times<small><li> <li><small>Once upon before we were brilliant and bored <br><small><li> <li><small>Two dashes of the bitters add some ice and you pour<small><li> <li><small>Get boozy boozy boozy<small><li> <li><small>Now it looks like a wasteland<br><small><li> <li><small>Not the way that we remember<br><small><li> <li> <small>One more sip for the past and always tip your bartender<small><br><li> <ul><h2><b>Dying In LA<b><h2> <ul><li><small>The moment you arrived they built you up<br><small><li> <li><small>The sun was in your eyes You couldn’t believe it<small><li> <li><small>Riches all around you’re walking <br><small><li> <li><small>Stars are on the ground you start to believe it<small><li> <li><small>Every face along the boulevard is a dreamer just like you <br><small><li> <li><small>You looked at death in a tarot card and you saw what you had to do<br><small><li> <li><small>But nobody knows you now when you’re dying in LA<br><small><li> <li><small>And nobody owes you now when you’re dying in LA<br><small><li> <li><small>Nights at the chateau trapped in your sunset bungalow you couldn’t escape it<br><small><li> <li><small>Drink of paradise they told you put your blood on ice<br><small><li> <li> <small>You’re not gonna make it<small><br><li> <ul><blockquote> Meme











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