PLEASE HELP FUND MY also and TOP SURGERY depression treatment BUST 20 W COLOUR $35 BUST PAINTING K10 HIPS UP A $30 WCOLOUR $50 10% OFf OF THE 2ND CHARACTER hohnoni Please Help Fund my Top Surgery + Depression Treatment hey there! For the past 6 months I’ve been working my butt off to save up for top surgery In fact the show I animated and storyboarded is now up on sbs on demand Monsters of Many Worlds and another show I animated on is now being released on youtube Goo Jit Zu episode 2+3 During this time I have been struggling with my depression and constantly juggling 2 jobs at once To be frank suicidal ideation has frequently been on my mind due to the stress of this work and experiencing rather extreme top dysphoria That said I did the calculations and worked out I had enough to get it done on november 1st Unfortunately this didn’t take into account the fact that my gp + therapist is now reccommending I seek medicated psychiatric treatment for my depression and my mum no longer being able to pay for my phone bills There’s more to this story which you can find on my go fund me herehttpswwwgofundmecomfbav2qh-coreys-top-surgery?rcid=r01-156868223675-f7be2e051ea14d79&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w That said I’m opening commissions again to help make sure I get properly stabilized before the surgery You’re more than welcome to donate if you have a dollar or two available but if not commissioning me is a fantastic way to help! All Payments will be through PayPal all of the prices above are in AUD Feel free to email me at hohnoni@gmailcom or simply DM me if you’re interested or have any questions! Meme










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