people who get straight A's and every test say i'm so gonna fail It was the day of my social studies Final I’m sitting in class ready to take this L because instead of studying I was playing in the Western conference finals with my MyPlayer I ain’t trip cause i sit next to the asians and their Academic discipline is outta pocket I'm confident that Ling Ling will Bring Bring me this A Waiting for the teacher to pass I hear Ling Ling & others bickering “Me no study me fail this test me so not go to Harvard” I couldn’t afford to take this L I get up to move seats when my boy T-Bone tells me come thru T-bone was 10 ounces of dumb I seen him cook Ramen Noodles without water and nearly burn his house down He told me he studied with Monica This one smart girl Ight bet Im going through the test cheating off T-Dog thinking shit sweet I finished my test confident my nigga T-Bone bought me to victory Man lemme tell you When I got my Final back I got a 3 and he got a 6 I peeped the Asians chuckling we no fail after all I asked him “Nigga i thought you studies i got a 3? He had the nerve to say Nah fam i was tryna fuck and i did so technically i passed Brighten up you got a 3 and I got a 6 we can be Wade and Lebron” with that logic i concluded he was the biggest savage of all time I went through the test when i see where fucked up by cheating One question said What historic event took place on December 16 1773?’’ I answered The Boston Lean party how this fool confuse Lean with Tea? I failed that class T-Bone is still in highs school I learned a lesson that day Don't put your MyPlayer in the Western conference Meme











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