People complaining that they've been in school fora while Me realizing this means I won't get to browse Reddit as often anymore Me when the teacher assigns us another project -I cant Not agan Bro Im straight-up not having a good time Me not having to start until the 26 Fm not strong encuch Me deciding to procrastinate and do it the day before it's due Me waking up the next morning not having slept Me realizing tomorrow IS the 26 Modern problems requlre modern solutions Me at the end of the day waiting to be home and browse Reddit in peace Me rememberingI have a project due the 1st day of school Me arriving at school WHAT KIND OF PLA S Me seeing all the other suffering students AhYes Me actually doing the project visible happiness Me realizing that despite the effort I put in this meme might die in new say sike right now Enslaved Childs Me deciding not to do it after realizing I'm going to fail anyways Me seeing my friend after walking into class Me making a plan to save my ass one of my few friends Ths meme onleets 7LYOTES Ths meme onlygets TANOLES Me finally deciding to go to sleep Henderson! Me deciding how to keep myself busy in class epession The automatic upvote makes it AMe Actualy doing my wor and trying to make friends in class Being an introver and browsing Reddit instead My brain throughout the entire night You going to sleep? Yes now To all the people who actually made it to the end of this shit shut up! Reddit realizing I'm willing to throw away valuable opportunities in my life just to browse Reddit Me Remember you have to go to school tomorow Mc happiness noise A long one Meme



go to sleep





Shut Up



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