Paris Hilton KA PA DOB 1981-02-17 Soclalite Actor TV Personality MEAN 33% OK 10% NICE 67% Best known for The Simple Life Hilton sex tape Paris Hilton's My New BFF SHARE YOUR STORY Stories Random Things My Step Sister Told Me Some random things told to me by my step sister who used to work for Paris Paris has a room full of vintage radios from ww2 aircraft and the like She restores them There is always a smell of burning coming from the room Nobody is allowed in She has a telescope on a platform My sister was often required to climb onto the roof with beef sandwiches and a flask of tea as Paris was up there looking at the sky She also has 100's of notebooks full of numbers which somehow relate to what she sees through the telescope Behind closed doors Paris only wears pajamas which she gets delivered from the British store Marks and Spencers She doesn't come across as dim like she does when the cameras are around She's very quiet She bought my sister a playstation and some reindeer socks for Christmas Saved Me In Germany And Towed Me To A Garage My car broke down on an autobahn in Germany Managed to coast to sort of layby thing with a burger van and toilets in it I was in a bad state because I can't speak any German my phone had no credit and I didn't have my breakdown details with me so I had no idea what to do I unsuccessfully asked the guy in the burger van for help and he apparently didn't speak English so rather pathetically I started to cry Then this big old American guy appeared and offered me a cup of tea in his motor home it wasn't proper tea but that's besides the point In the van was another guy and friggin Paris Hilton! I kid ye not She was sweet and made me a sandwich and gave me a hug then proceeded to talk to me for 30mins about some old radio bits she'd bought in some show in Freidrichshafen I didn't understand most of it She said that when she wasn't working she liked to drive about Europe going to radio and air shows as if she put a hat on nobody ever recognised her Then they towed me to a garage at about 40km per hour scarey stuff on the autobahn Oh yeah and she sat in my car and asked if it was ok before she smoked theghostofallexander zodiacbaby prominent-nipple oh my gOD LMFAOOLL WHAAATT oh my god Meme







oh my god




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