PAIA BAY COFFEE&BAR ALOHA VIBES PAIA MAUI BREAKFAST&LUNCH HAWA ACAI BOWL made in Paia to pped with banana coconut grenola&honey orliihai 1150 CAFE FAVO GREEK YOGURT with berries&granola topped wilth honey or ikoi coulis 995 HOUSE ORGANIC SCRAMBLED EGGS With local spring mix&salsa 995 add avocado 200 HOUSE POUR ORGANIC EGGS&BACON With local spring mix&salsa 1195add avocado t12e0 ESPRE CAFE VEGA ORGANICEGGS&GOAT CHEESE roasted red peppers local spring mix&salsa 2195 CAPP CAFE ORGANIC EGGS&SMOKED SALMON cream cheese mint lemon maya spring mix&alsa 1295 ORGANICEGGS&AVOCADO SALAD gluten freeno bread with litiloi Dijon dressing& salsa 95 ICED DIRT BAGEL SANDWICHES sub a fresh baked croissant 1sa HOT MA Ko TOASTED BAGELwith buter 350 HO Or FRESH BAKED CROISSANT 400 VEGAN BAGEL with pesto hummus roasted red peppers avocada trmat&baby gnens 900 TA O CREAM CHEESE&TOMATO BAGEL with pepper 475 add avecado 200 COCK TURKEY BAGEL with pesto cream cheese cucumber tomato&toasted pumpkis seeds 1045 BACON BAGEL with cream cheese tomato avocado&red onion 995 SMOKED SALMON BAGEL with cream cheese tomato avocado red onion&capers 1100 CROISSANTS Webake our craissants each morning and usually run out noon and you can substihutefor toast ora bagel WITH NUTELLA& either bananas or strawberies & ourhouse whip cream 725 FETA CHEESE omato cucumber local spring mix & Dijon mustard mayo 1095 BACON&BRIE avocado &Dijon mustard mayo 1095 SANDWICHES Served on whole grain artisan bread with organic lecal mired greens&chips GOAT CHEESE with olive tapenade roasted red peppers &localtomata 2145 BRIE &APPLE with local tomato black pepper & herb mayo 1145 TURKEY With bacon local tomato & herbmayo 1245 TUNA with swiss local tomato capers & wasabi mayo 1245 Served with galic crostini& lightly dressed with liliker Dijen dresung WATERMELON&FETA with toasted pumpkin seeds an organic lecal spring mix 195 SMOKED SALMON with swiss avocado local tomato& wasabinmayo 1395 TALKING STORY We love Paia! SALADS mission to offer great able environmentaly nights per week alon We hope you like us come to the countert TUNA SALAD with avocado&capers on organic local spring mix 1295 GRANDMA BRADY'S BANANA BREAD PLAIN 425 CHOCOLATE CHIP& WALNUT 475 GRILLED BANANA BREAD With whipped cream& raspberries 625 When you get someone from dev to write the menu Meme











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