ophidahlia Coca-Cola and Dixie Cup pioneered the recycling movement in the 40’s to get people to return valuable glass bottles by charging almost half of the cost of the drink in a returnable fee Nearly everyone returned their bottles it was a huge success When they switched to plastic in the 50’s it became more profitable to just toss bottles away so they used shell organizations to secretly lobby congress and senates to kill recycling bills while simultaneously creating massive ad campaigns to convince the public that recycling was all the consumer’s responsibility This isn’t a conspiracy theory it’s public knowledge that gets drowned out in the noise made by their PR firms Last year Coca-Cola was still up to the same environmental villainry More recycling advertising campaigns and killed bottle-fee bills which have been long proven to massively boost recycling rates but also push the cost of recycling from the consumer onto the manufacturer That’s also detailed in the previous link Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that large corporations care about this world or anything in it other than profit They’ll engage in charity as an investment if the campaign offers good return for their brand value and public image but don’t think for a second we can get capitalists to behave ethically through any other means than forcing them to do it Meme











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