ONE TIME WHEN I WAS DRUNK I tried to steal a large expensive bottle of beer from a house I cleverly hid it by stuffing it into my pants party I was attending I knew there was only one thing I could do to make this right But as I was saying goodbye The bottle fell out and shattered on the ground 0 SNASH T ran the hell away Collegelumon ONE TIME WHEN I WAS DRUNK CollegeHumor I went online and became an ordained minister This is the number one best idea QUIKMINISTERBIZ Twice as holy for half the price! SIGN UP TODAY! So now when you sneeze and I say bless you It secretly means so much more ONE TIME WHEN I WAS DRUNK I started doing magic tricks for all of the employees at a bar Whether they wanted to see them or not Whassat behind yer ear? Ish thish yer card? uh yeah actually! It's a shot! A few months later I went back to that bar assuming that by now no one would remember my embarrasing magic show But the bouncer recognized me Yeah you're the guy with all the magic tricks right? Hey pal don'tIknow you from somewhere? well I've got one say to you thing to WE STILL TALK THAT WAS SO AWESOME! ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME! CollegeHumor He was a big fan ONE TIME WHEN I WAS DRUNK I got super nauseous while I was riding in the car with friends so I barfed out the window all over everyone in the back seat and directly onto the windshield of the police car behind us We got pulled over and everyone in the car got a ticket SPLAT!! CollegeHumon except for me because I was the only one with my seatbelt on madamebomb pr1nceshawn One time when I was drunk… THAT LAST ONE NEVER FAILS TO MAKE ME LAUGH Meme











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