Once a puppy always a puppy @DrSmashlove Now ladies always DM me like aye smash I'm talking to this guy but he plays games why do men play games?? Ladies lemme splain u Let's say u taking to a dude named David David is a sweet dude nice lil job y'all met off Brumble and had dinner once and then brunch that Sunday and u just sort of lazily seeing where things go I know how u ladies do y'all keep insurance policy dick on hand - it ain't the best dick u ever had but if he still single when u 32 and u still single u gon kick shit into overdrive and cash out that insurance policy and get dat ring I SEE YOU πŸ˜‰ Now David might be texting with u for a lil bit and then the text convo drops off and u totally cool about it That's because u like David but u ain't over the moon for him You might be some day just not today So if he don't text for another day or two u all good If anything he's probably the one texting his homie Josh like oh shit Kelly hasn't texted in two days you think she still likes me fuck fuck fuck 😩 Now then let's say u talking to Terrence U met Terrence off Coffee and Bagel or whatever that shit is called and the evening started as a respectable evening of drinks and ended with u bending over your couch shooing your cat away while I - I mean Terrence ☺️ - reorganized your internal organs Y'all text flirted the next day but then the day after that u ain't hear shit from Terrence Now u texting yo girl Samantha like FUCK APPS FUCK DATING FUCK THESE MEN PLAYING GAMES I'M GONNA JUST MOVE TO COSTA RICA WITH MY CAT I'M DONE Baby girl Bear in mind he might not be playing games It might be that u developed a thing for him and he just clueless AF Remember that it's grown men - at college - who bring they laundry home so they mama can do it that's how clueless men are πŸ˜‚ He could be a fuckboy or he might just be a little on autopilot In a lot of cases u think the guy is playing games because u got a thing for him and he ain't giving u what u need Give him a chance If he don't fix it part ways Never accept less than u deserve but also keep in mind that this shit is a matter of perception U get me! More life more romance more love in 2017 Bless up! ❀ Meme


Bless up









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