on Full House DJ gets over an eating disorder in 3 days FEME In the real world it can take yearsS On the very special episode Shape Up all it takes for DJ to quit starving herself is a chat with dad The reality is that recovery is a difficult process that can take seven to ten years or longer CRACKED COM httpswwwanredcomtxhtml Hollywood loves a sad brooding love interest Real depression Kills relationships That sad character being portrayed as romantic would actually be really hard to have an ongoing relationship with Being depressed can cause them to pay less attention to their partner be less involved be more irritable and have trouble enjoying time together And a failing relationship creates a cycle of deeper depression CRACKED COM httpsblogs scientificamericancommind-guest-blog the-waming-signs-that-depression-is-affecting-your-relationship If a character is mentally ill they're usually violent That's the opposite of how it really is Movies like Se7en Silence Of The Lambs and Fight Club and shows like Hannibal Mr Robot and Dexter perpetuate the stereotype that people with mental illnesses are fearsome criminals if not outright violent ones In fact people with mental illness are much more likely to be victims of violent crime CRACKED GOM httpwwwmentalhealth govbasicsmyths-facts in Silver Linings Playbook love cures bipolar disorder Bipolar disorder doesn't work that way Being in a good relationship is a positive influence on mental health but the idea that the characters could stop taking medication and be completely mentally healthy just because they fell în love is ridiculous CRACKED CONT httpwwwvuiturecom201212ask-a-psychiatrist-how- does-silver-linings-playbook-handle-mental-ilness html tiggurix cracked 22 Things Movies Get Completely Wrong About Mental Illness Cracked doing the Lord’s work and shedding light on ableism and inaccuracy Meme





Fight Club






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