Okay so you're all trying tohelp or whatever but have you actuallyused 6OTERRA? These are certified oils safe for use aromatically topically and internally I should know My mom has been a doTERRA builder for years now and my whole family uses the oils internally on a regular daily basis I don't usually apply them to my skin bc I just have sensitive skin like that but I can ingest them no problem I add oils to my water and take them if I feel like I'm coming down with something Sick stomach? Quick fix Dry throat? Also quick fix Lemon water is GREAT for choir Even my partner who doesn't necessarily care for oils has been willing to try them out and they've worked just fine too There's an entire line of supplements you can take like vitamins there's diet pills there's even empty capsules you can get to put your own blends together I could eat the cough drops like candy when I get a cold which is rare bc I use the toothpaste and mouthwash too D0TERRA oils unlike any other oil brand out there are PURE-sourced directly from around the globe with no fillers or chemicals Even if you don't like the oils themselves you NEED to research what doTERRA does for the people the oils come from We're not talking big machinery and companies these are small family farms handed down from generation to generation Third world villages are getting major support and thriving because doTERRA buys their product That's always been my reason to stand by the company Don't mix up doTERRA with other companies or ripoffs like whatever garbage Walmart is selling Also like a bottle of Lemon -250 drops standard size for almost all oils-is what?? $10? Do you know how far that goes? One drop per four ounces of water if you even need that much My mom makes some badass peppermint brownies and puts not even a full drop in the batch There's no arm and a leg being charged A bottle of doTERRA oil lasts MONTHS be you just don't need much of it in anything though it's certainly not hurting you either to take a lot Plus doTERRA gives back on every dollar you spend Talk to anyone in the company and they can tell you how they or someone they know has been greatly and positively influenced by doTERRA Hell I use oils sparingly on my rats mostly lavender for little playfight scratches but I've gotten rid of tumors in the past using oils And they get lemon water too My boys are happy healthy beans They work and yes you can internalize them Stop spreading misinformation about doTERRA If y'all don't believe me literally everything you could ever want to know is on the doTERRA website read this actual brainwashed nonsense comment on tumblr today yikes hun Meme











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