Oh man con't be late on the nst doy made Theschool year is over son My first day at class missed it u afropunker noideawhatimdoingrightnow Let me just tell you something about this final scene Isat through this whole movie thoroughly enjoying every last little bit of itIeven made a running motion when the first two gifs happened When the movie finished my boyfriend was very very quiet and he looked a little sad was very confused because it was a fantastic movie He turned to me and asked is that suppose to represent how our education system doesn't make enough accommodations for mentally slower students? Monster's University was a little deeper than thought TUMBLR SHUT UP HE IS A SLUG The literal message is HE IS A SLUG WHO IS SLOW LIKE SLUGS IN NATURE SO STOP AldenRants 27-50 @torixmay asked me to rant about the fact that time is a man-made concept! DON'T GET ME EXISTENTIALLY CRISIS'D!!! Because guess what!!? I'm FFFFLIPPIN this suggestion on ya!!! This whole time isn't real!!1!!1! charade was realllll cute when you were reciting it because of your report due tomorrow or because you stayed up til 3am again but now you synchronized fitbits are just getting ridiculous AND I'M PUTTING MY FOOT DOWN! Time IS NOT ACTUALLY A MAN-MADE CONCEPT FOR GOLLY'S SAKE! Why would man WANT to make it?!? We made time to measure the distance between past events wE mADe TiMe tO MeaSUrE tHe DiSTaNCe BeTwE- NO WE MADE -MEASUREMENTS- OF TIME TO HELP US COMPREHEND THE VERY MUCH EXISTENT FACTOR THAT IS TIME Just because we made terms like days and months and seconds to help ourselves understand it doesn't mean we made THE VERY ESSENCE OF TIME up We made terms to describe linear distances like inches or kilometers but that doesn't mean length is a manmade concept Gerald Phew! I just ran a marathon! šŸ˜… Gerald's asshole friendTM Ohh Gerald You didn't really run a marathon because distance isn't real Gerald That was just you conceptualizing how you made it from one point to another Gerrrraaallllllld B-but the Greek philosophers had theories that time was merely our psychosis and shit processing our own experiences Ah yes and they were neverrrr šŸŒŽ wrong about šŸŒ anything šŸŒ that I šŸŒŽ can šŸŒ think of Meme




Shut Up







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