Office dog isn't allowed on the couch so this is her daily act of rebellion So I grabbed coffee with my lil homegirl who I work with and she say she got a southwest companion pass Litchrally with this shit u fly anywhere and take whoever u want anywhere any time I'm like 🤔how U mainly work for me and I don't fly u around the world like that for u to be racking up miles 😂 Why did she launch into this whole shpiel about how she low key scamming TF out of southwest airline robbing them blind LEGALLY AF 😂 Well I opened up one southwest credit card and got 60000 miles Then I opened up another one with another bank and got 60000 more Also I do all my shopping thru the southwest rewards website so even if I buy shoes at Nordstrom I get points I'm like wow For me though southwest been low key getting more expensive though? And she just like yeah I don't let them drop the price on me If they do I switch to the next day flight then switch back Like if I book at $400 and it drops to $300 I switch and switch back Down to $250? Same Until I'm satisfied I got the best price DID YALL HEAR THAT SHIT UNTIL I'M SATISFIED She the MF queen bruh southwest exists to shuttle her pretty ass around And she gon scam them until their back is broken and they bankrupt and they on the news just like yeah we were having a nice run but this woman Kate ran us dry GO THE FUCK HEAD KATE U PRETTA-ASS SCAMMIN-ASS GENIUS 😍 IDK why ladies but if u a scammer it do something to us It tingle our nether regions It make us feel like if the whole world go to shit like walking dead u gon scam our chirren into health and safety The scamming gene is like Punani fragrance - it make us a lil crazy for u 🤗 To all my scammers out there y'all the real MVP Scam me Rob me End my life Just make sure them kids is good and imma be smiling in my grave bless up 😍😂😂😂 📷 Reddit u-ebbp Meme


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