occupy Democrats 4 hrs e We should definitely take a page from Denmark's book DENMARK USA 33-HOUR WORK WEEK48 PAID TOATTEND COLLEGE S25000 FOR TUITION 48-HOUR WORK'WEEK RANKED#FOR BUSINESS RANKED #18 FOR BUSINESS DENMARK USA 10TH HIGHEST MINIMUM WAGE 391% CORPORATE INCOME TAX RANKED #18 FOR BUSINESS NO FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGE 235%CORPORATE INCOME TAX RATE RANKED #1 FOR BUSINESS GC Y'all have probably seen that meme from Occupy Democrats swimming around I added some cherry picks of my own at the bottom Proving that they did not even read the article they think shows that democratic socialism is better than the US the reason the article claims the US rating is lowered is because of an expanded government as well as expensive new regulations in finance and health care The US is the only country to record a loss of economic freedom seven straight years in the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom More than 130 major new federal regulations on starting a business have been added since 2009 at an annual cost of $60 billion according to the Heritage Foundation The US ranks 81st out of 146 countries for monetary freedom according to Heritage with only the UK and Turkey faring worse among OECD nations The US also gets knocked for its corporate tax climate which ranks 43rd out of 146 we ranked countries in the World Bank’s Doing Business report The statutory corporate rates in the US are the highest in the world among developed countries and the complexity of the code keeps an army of accountants busy So the US is doing worse for business because of Obamacare and newly added regulations and muh tax the richthings people like OD support Whereas Denmark’s business climate is extremely positive It scored highly across the board finishing in the top 25 in each of the 11 categories we considered with top five showings for personal freedom technology and low corruption One of the keys to Denmark’s pro-business climate is the flexible labor market known as “Flexisecurity” where companies can easily hire and fire workers with out-of-work adults eligible for significant unemployment benefits Unemployed workers are also eligible for training programs It creates one of the most productive workforces in Europe “The model encourages economic efficiency where employees end up in the job they are best suited for” says Weis “It allows employers to quickly change and reallocate resources in the workplace” Denmark is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world The government streamlines the startup process with only four procedures needed to start a new business and at minimal costs The regulatory climate is also one of the most efficient So in Denmark it is easier to fire bad people and it is incredibly simple to start a business unlike here While generous unemployment benefits may work there here reducing unemployment benefits is considered to be responsible for 23 of the job growth in 2014 so that's one area to not follow Denmark So judging from the article the problem is that the USA has too little capitalism not that we need free college or a shorter workweek Citations httpwwwforbescomsiteskurtbadenhausen20141217u-s-slides-again-as-denmark-tops-forbes-best-countries-for-business httpwwwpolitifactcompunditfactstatements2014sep09eric-bollingdoes-us-have-highest-corporate-tax-rate-free-world httpwwwtradingeconomicscomdenmarkcorporate-tax-rate httpsenwikipediaorgwikiList_of_minimum_wages_by_country httpwwweconomistcomnewsunited-states21641263-stingier-benefits-may-be-behind-americas-blistering-job-growth-incentives-matter Meme











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