Obama's legacy? US National Debt As Percent of GDP US from FY 1990 to FY 2012 110 I Will sign a universal health care bill intolawby the end of my first term as president that will cover every American and cut the cost of a typical family's premium by 994 1996 998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 up to $2500 a year TIE WALLSTREET JOURNAL -Barack Obama OBAMA CARE HEALTH POLICY ACA Premiums Jump 25% Administration Acknowledges Extended Per Member Per Month Cost Enrollment ing costs fewer choices in President Obama's signatu domestic program Disappearing Workers The labor force has fallen during 0bama's recovery unlike the past 9 recoveries Labor force growth in millions Enrollment 200 began 60 Proof it's making healthcare costs worse Unbiased America Souce Bureau of Labor WR What will be President Obama's legacy were his signature achievements a success or failure? Obamacare His signature achievement has made healthcare less effective and more expensive It WILL need to be reformed or repealed in the next 5 most likely sooner years to prevent the death spiral so many had warned about before its inception If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor Does that really need an explanation at this point? The website roll out was laughable and far costlier than anyone expected—except for those who understand the ineptitude and inefficiency of government bureaucracies Iran Deal The President was so anxious to get a deal done with Iran that he didn't even end up accomplishing his own goals and gave Iran a pathway to a nuclear bomb in 9 years It was touted as bringing Iran into the “community of nations” instead it legitimized and bolstered a despotic theocracy that has increased its threatening behavior and destabilization of the Middle East first taking our troops hostage and then ramping up their aggression against the US in the Persian Gulf It was sold as the only alternative to war but the sanctions that were implemented previously were working and making Iran’s support for terrorist groups rather difficult until the Iran deal provided the resources they needed to help destabilize the region further Not to mention Ben Rhodes peddling a narrative to a feckless and favorable media American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Turned out to be a total waste of money Remember those shovel ready jobs? We're still waiting on those The labor force participation rate remains dismal as many drop out while SSDI is on the rise Either more people in history are becoming disabled or people are shifting from unemployment to disability The IRS Scandal I chose to highlight his most egregious scandal which was the targeting of political groups opposed to the Obama agenda for tax exempt status Their applications were delayed and information deemed unnecessary was requested No one has yet to be held accountable Lest we forget Fast and Furious Benghazi The AP scandal When Hillary wins we will effectively have his third term but based on what successes? Sources httpwwwhooverorgresearchus-iran-and-israel httpwwwthetowerorg4020-iran-backed-houthis-fire-missiles-at-u-s-navy-ship-near-strategic-strait httpswwwwashingtonpostcomlifestylestyleobama-official-says-he-pushed-a-narrative-to-media-to-sell-the-iran-nuclear-deal201605065b90d984-13a1-11e6-8967-7ac733c56f12_storyhtml httpwwwinvestorscompoliticscommentaryobamacares-death-spiral-has-begun httpwwwcatoorgpublicationscommentaryobamas-stimulus-five-years-keynesian-fairy-dust httpwwwcnncom20140718politicsirs-scandal-fast-facts Meme











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