O 48% 510 PM a facebookcom AT&T uholdthemaio 4 hrs R I have deleted a recent post that says I don't want to be friends with people who believe in abortion I'm sorry if it hurt anyone's feelings Some friends have suggested that instead of cutting people out of my life that I instead share my thoughts to possibly create a place of understanding I'm not sure I am able to understand certain perspectives but I will gladly share mine I would like to take a minute to explain why I suddenly went from pro choice to pro life In the news recently an alarming situation has happened A man who has been discovered to be a rapist has eluding authorities They have been searching for this man but have found nothing Authorities have arrested this man's children ages 10 and 18 years old Without trial they have sentenced the children to a torturous death Vaccine companies have bought the children's organs for thousands of dollars with one stipulation the organs must be harvest while they are sl alive and without any drugs in the system!! Why are these children being tortured and killed because of their father's sin??? I don't understand how this is okay with people?!? There are actually thousands of people who agree with this decision including the mother of the children!!! She said she never wanted them because they were conceived by rape! If you haven't figured it out by now this is not a real story but one I made up to show how wrong this isdoes it matter to you if these children aren't years old but weeks old in utero? Does it matter that they were given life by a horrible act? How do you feel about people who have been given life through rape should they be executed? I think every child has a right to live regardless of how horrible their parents may have been and I don't think the parents should be allowed to kill the children just because they don't want them So there it is how I understood that I value a child's life no matter what the circumstances of their existence may be I support children's right to life Women and doctors do not and should not have the right to torture a child to death because they are unwanted or can make money from their harvest organs Another thing what about the father? That child is half his What if he doesn't want it Does that mean he can force a woman to have an abortion even if she wants the child? If the mother has rights to kill or not kill then shouldn't the father? Hmmm Meme











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