nun s with nuns 1 hr How to make money w0w While 8 months pregnant Imoved back to I was deemed extremely high risk! almost died while giving birth to our son and then had to take my 2 week old to children's for seizure looking episodes having I took some time off and was ready to return to work Sitters were hard to come by P-and and I both agreed that be able to speak before he goes into a daycare he was should Being a single mom is rough Being a mo period is rough Walking out the door to go to work is even worst Having to leave a tired and sick baby with someone that's not mama-is exhausting mentally-the guilt alone- is torturous Going to work and dealing with crap doesn't exactly make for a good day on top of that- I was working myself dead spending little time with the only child I'll ever get and mentally wasn't coping with any of it The curve balls were throwing punches investedmost of my savings in supplies to start a baby clothing line and other hand made goods to work from home and became a Paparazzi sales consultant but money dwindling downA and I had to go back to work- and so my investments had to wait I actually forgot I ordered some Paparazzi inventory when staying with and he shipped it walked left and right I was tight and out the door to go to work and grabbed it off the porch on the way and threw it in the car I couldn't even remember what i bought so l took it into work with me and opened it when I had a minuteLess than a minute later not-I had all of the girls digging through that box and handing me what I didn't realize would be the golden ticket to my timewith my son 1 kid you Fast forward a few weeks Again ordering more inventory and putting those boxes to the side and working myself dead at my job-my mom and biz partner says Hey do you care if take this to work? holding the again forgotten jewelry boxes Go for it! And what happened next changed the way we did things around here She came home with not 1 but 2 empty boxes-while working her job and being a boss babe have happened over the good the bad the ugly We survived and continue to everyday holding onto our gratitude for what we have we are for our health and ability to walk-talk-breath the memories we make the home we walk into the food we eat the cars we drive the jobs we have our new cash cowa I and most IMPORTANTLYd our family and framily and the I ve and Some major life changes the last few months and how blessedt we have from so many support We carry jewelry wear our products- and people always compliment and ask- Where did you get that?! We pull out some inventory and the magic trick happens poof!It disappears and the green paper that unfortunately rules the world we live in appears Just like that100I We sometimes arm wrestle to see who gets to take the boxes!! with us everywhere- we We don't even have to flood social media with bazillions of posts and neither do the others who strictly sell online we don't nag and beg jewelry and ALWAYS have inventory hand *I will start posting my incoming inventory for preorder with payment to hold on OG's Treasures today simply set a boxl out wear our we on I now work from home-if you want to call lookingat pretty jewelry phoneplacing orders and loving the mom life- work I go to my job 1-2 days a week That's it And the bills are paide mama back 'full time'and everything he needs and more! once a day on my has his The best skeptical riskI ever took and best $99 l ever spent was becoming a Paparazzi consultant I never in my wildest dreams thought only regrets I have are - not investing in the $299 starter kit and not taking this leep of we would do this awesome And the faith Sooner If your ready to be a Bling Queen make that extra moneywith minimal effort and a product that literally sellsitself and take the leap to a better financial life-hit a sister up Trust me when I say- the risk- is totes magotes worth it And you WILL make your back100- Every Single Time Not to mention! the amazing group of gems and jewels you'll become friends with and all the prizes you can win you will make on top of all the profit httpswwwfacebookcomgroups AMOMOROMOMOMOMOM +26 DO 2 All it took was a leep of faith and 163 emojis Meme

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