***NOT RESERVED - MACK WILL BE KILLED SHORTLY AT NYCACC IN BROOKLYN NY*** ***I'M A GOOD BOY REALLY I AM! - PLEASE TELL THE SHELTER I'M DOING THE BEST I CAN How would you feel if you were happily running around the street on an adventure Until some strange uniformed men put a pole around your neck threw you in a crate and took you for a ride to a scary place full of unfamiliar places Then other strangers muzzled and poked at you Scared? Imagine the horror! But we all know first impressions are not always what they seem Fast forward a couple of days and his social behavior with dogs had everyone curious He's a big gorgeous boy with a goofy personality and mesmerizing eyes Trust is fragile thing for all of us - read in shelter observations below he's come a long way baby! Mack needs a second chance and a heart that understands - not death! NOT RESERVED - MACK WILL BE KILLED SHORTLY AT NYCACC IN BROOKLYN NY*** IN SHELTER OBSERVATIONS 510 Mack was laying in his kennel as handler approached When handler removed the blocker and Mack noticed her he stood and gave tail wags As handler unlocked his kennel She offered Mack a treat which he took gently Mack was easily removed from the kennel and walked out with a loose body showing no reactivity to the barking dogs as he passed them Once outside mack relieved himself at the gate and was brought back inside for his interaction After his interaction was over Mack walked back to his kennel with the handler returning to a loose body and showing no reactivity to passing staff members Mack allowed the handler to pet his head and back on his way back to his kennel giving tail wags the whole way Mack was returned to his kennel without any issues 512 Mack allowed very exuberant handling while maintaining a wiggly body Trying desperately to catch a ball - it's hilarious httpsyoutubejRF1eYPxFT4 httpsyoutube2aUeVoQJYh8 TO SAVE MACK #62206 please post on THREAD or PRIVATE MESSAGE Must Love Dogs - -httpswwwfacebookcommldsavingnycdogs OR EMAIL US AT MUSTLOVEDOGSNYC@GMAILCOM FOSTERING IS FREE AND TEMPORARY AND WILL SAVE HIS LIFE! KARMA WILL REPAY YOU! Death row dogs are out of time! Killing starts anytime after 1200pm ON 516-THURSDAY!! More info and photos of this deserving BOY - httpswwwfacebookcommldsavingnycdogsphotosa745242932328646981453515374252?type=3 Meme











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