normal-horoscopes trashcollectshere normal-horoscopes alchemicwizard normal-horoscopes normal-horoscopes NOT TO DUNK ON THE ROSICRUCIANS BUT THE ROSY CROSS IS THE UGLIEST THING EVER - HEBREW CHARACTERS FOR A CHRISTIAN ESOTERIC SYMBOL - FOUR USES OF THE ALKALAI SYMBOL BUT NO USES OF NITRE - NICE HEXAGRAM STAR TRUST US WE ARENT ANTISEMITIC - “WHAT IF WE INCORPORATED COLOR INTO THE WORKING?“ - INRI - “IS THERE A SYMBOL FOR AIR?“ “IDK DUDE JUST DRAW A BIRD“ - “WHAT ABOUT WATER?“ “DUDE JUST PICK A WATER ZODIAC“ - “WHICH WATER ZODIAC?“ “IT DOESN’T MATTER“ - “PUT GOLD OVER THE R IN REX SO PEOPLE KNOW ITS IMPORTANT“ - OCCULT GRAPHIC DESIGN IS MY PASSION Literally every aspect of it is just awful My Hebrew isnt as good as it should be but I’m 99% certain that Hebrew is complete gibberish ALSO the water symbol looks like aquarius which I’m sure pretty much everyone is aware is an air sign What a fucking mess I remember when we studied these losers in my art and occulture class I had to leave the room because I was laughing too hard at how much they suck IT IS GIBBERISH BC ITS JUST THE ENTIRE ALPHABETWHICH IS LIKE AN INSECURE CHEF GETTING NERVOUS AND JUST PUTTING EVERY SEASONING THEY HAVE INTO THE POT I dont do occult stuff but i assume this is a mess to look at knowing the meaning but Not knowing? The colors are awful the symbols are placed carefully but look hard to decipher The letters are hard to read and all around this could probably be replaced with something much easier to comphrehend and use EXACTLYTHIS IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “GOOD” AND “BAD” SIGILWORKTO SOMEONE WITH NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE OCCULT THE ROSY CROSS FEELS LIKE IT HAS POWER BUT IT ALSO FEELS JUMBLED MESSY OVERLY COMPLICATED AND JUST PLAIN UGLY WHEN IT COMES TO SIGILWORK INTRICACY = POWER BUT CLARITY = ACCURACY AND THE ROSY CROSS FAILS ON BOTH FRONTS Meme











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