noctiscorvus squirenonny anaryllis uncommonbish I can’t count how many times men have humiliated me by “IT’S JUST PERIOD” when looking up this article for clarification i found this one that points out that period pain is actually typically MUCH WORSE than heart attacks - as heart attacks more commonly have dull pains and interestingly Period pain happens mostly because of substances called prostaglandins Gunter explained in the post They’re released from the lining of the uterus and make it contract And during these period contractions pressure on the uterus can be just as high as it is during the “pushing” stage of labor she added“So if you need an analogy to describe period pain” Gunter wrote “use labor or cutting your finger off without an anesthetic” “If you are waiting for terrible excruciating chest pain to tell you that you are having a heart attack well you are going to miss the heart attack” Gunter wrote “Heart attacks often produce vague symptoms or mild pain that is why many people ignore them … In addition more than 40% of women have no pain with heart attacks It would be dangerous for women to think that a heart attack should be at least as bad as their menstrual cramps” ^^^ Important point from that article It sounds like a dramatic comparison “Cramps are as bad as heart attacks?!” But not only does it still actually downplay the pain many menstruating people feel it increases the risk that those same people will ignore a heart attack because it doesn’t hurt enough to worry them Can I add on that a lot of women think they’re suffering from menstrual cramps and do their best to go about their day when in reality their appendix is seconds away from bursting? This happens a lot Seriously Meme


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