NO ONE WILL WATCH THIS No ONE WANTS7 S UL JUL CARES FOA THIS its-bewitched trilllizard666 keyhollowStory matters more than sex please always remember that what’s funniest about this comic I think is the wildly inconsistent success or complete lack of in the properties and the vast wild differences between how they were received in the run up to the premier of them as artisticentertainment propertiesFiegbustersGhostbusters 2016 had a PR run that was mostly defined by a weird antagonism where they said detractors are just manbaby basement dwellers that hate women along with pretty badly done trailers that people compared to Pixels Remember Pixels? That awful Adam Sandler REMEMBER THE 80S vehiclescam? That said unlike Pixels this Ghostbusters failed to make money It flopped It flopped terribly So Strawman McGee was actually right Nobody DID Watch This besides weirdoes that used Holtzmann reaction gifs for a month and kept saying how gay they were for two of the lady GhostbustersStar Wars The Force Awakens was a huge runaway box office success with people excited to see it even though a lot of people were critical of Rey and how boring she was as a character in comparison to Finn and Poe who had a lot more interesting going on with their characters respectively and people were excited to see The Last Jedi Then came the sequel It was…still a financial box office success but it was extremely divisive among Star Wars fans and any group of critics that aren’t deeply entrenched “establishment” film critics And there’s rumors abound it wasn’t quite AS much a box office success as Disney would like which along with Solo flopping seems to have resulted in Disney pulling back their Star Wars output a little tiny bit PossiblyLiterally all the reasons that people were apprehensive about Wonder Woman pre-release were all reasons unrelated to her being a woman She’s one of the most important DC superheroes a founding member of almost all incarnations of the Justice League and Frank Miller himself has called part of The Trinity of DC along with Superman and Batman People were apprehensive of a Wonder Woman film because almost all the previous attempts to bring Wonder Woman to film or TV have been some sort of disaster from the Joss Whedon script that leaked that everyone took the absolute piss out of which had a seriously troubled production that led to the Wonder Woman film we eventually got to the horrible pilot that makes Wonder Woman into a bizarrely inconsistent crazed murderer People were apprehensive of a Wonder Woman film because it was part of the badly executed DCEU with the previous films before this including BvS and Suicide Squad which were critically SAVAGED People were looking at a Wonder Woman and dreading it cause they were like “oh god not another one of these fucking awful films” and then Justice League afterwards was total dogshit and yeah there was a bit of controversy about Gal Gadot but that’s from a mixture of people not being sure she could actually act well enough because she was mostly a model and was in a Fast and Furious film before this and because she is a proud IDF member which is kinda controversial because of all the baggage that comes with what the Israeli military frequently does in terms of war crimes granted she was only ever in a non combat role when she served in the military but come on this website gave Adam Driver shit for joining the USMC and not doing anything combat related before he got a medical discharge cause he broke his collarbone lmao it had nothing to do with being a womanLiterally nobody cares about She-Ra except for weirdoes into it like the beanmouth manchildren animation adherents or the people that uniroically think SJWs are killing everything and it’s a cheaply made Netflix show You’d have to almost try on purpose to not make any money from a Netflix show with a lowmodest budget Also I know a few families with young girls and young boys and nobody I know seems to remotely give a shit about the reboot She-Ra It’s all weird teenagers shippers and the type of people that send death threats for people drawing boobs while beating meat to the catgirl in it getting with the main characterCaptain Marvel is a box office success and reviewing decently well but even the critics that like it are leveling criticisms towards how badly shot and done some of the fight scenes and long shots are and a popular sentient is a lot of the fights have it so that it’s almost impossible to tell what’s happening which isn’t a criticism unique to Captain Marvel However most people that were unthrilled about Captain Marvel before launch…Thought the trailer looked boring gosh that’s familiar or were people raising an eyebrow at how the film’s basically Air Force propaganda And it’s probably worth saying here Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers just isn’t that popular a character and isn’t popular in comics at all Marvel flagrantly kept trying to astroturf her into an A lister position after they realized they had at the time sold off the film rights to a majority of the popular female characters Most all their popular heroes and anti-heroes and villains that were female are in the X-Men which was owned by Fox or in other films in other studios Cue the pre-Disney buyout reboot of her Which flopped as a solo title by the way Notice how almost all the stuff with Ms MarvelDanvers Captain Marvel that does well has her as a MEMBER or a side character She’s a C-level character that came into existence pre-retcon because a superpowered Kree’s DNA got mixed with hers in an explosion She was an emergency replacement out of universe because of the Captain Marvel DCMarvel clusterfuck and lawsuits She’s less a character and more a device And this also easily fits under the “needlessly weirdly antagonistic PR umbrella”nobody that can string together more than a comprehensible sentence does not dislike this things cause there’s women in it trust me lmao The issue with captain marvel is RT deleting up to 50k reviews from fans that dislike the film The headlines are “Brie Larson defeats internet trolls!” Calling fans trolls sure does a lot to discourage them from getting into a movie Meme


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