nitewrighter You know that whole trope where like the protagonists get teleported up into the aliens' spaceship or base or whatever and the alien appears to them only it doesn't appear as it really looks like but rather since it doesn't want to scare the protagonists it takes the form of something we find familiar and pleasing and is like T look like your dad or whatever-is this form okay? Like I think about that trope a lot and I think like what if the alien couldn't pick out a form via telepathy and only had earth media to try and decide what form would scare its human guests least and be accepted almost immediately and honestly the more I think about it the more options for what form that might be are just really fun to me T have chosen the form of your earth playwright and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda-do not be afraidI come in peace Greetings I am Glofnorbo of the cloud you call the Pegasus Nebula' I have scanned your earth media from afar and empirically decided that you would find the form of the one known as Dwayne The Rock Johnson most pleasing I have come to confer with your leaders Do not be panic I come in peace I have assumed the form of your insectoid demigoddess Hatsune Miku' so that we may communicate peacefully without my true form horrifying you nineprotons It was decided that I would assume the form of your Mister Rogers in order to best welcome your world to the galactic neighborhood without frightening your kind gentlemanbones So did your colleague take on the form of Jack Black for that reason too? No that is the actual Jack Black We do not know how to make him leave Source nitewrighter 104578 notes Youre greeted by David Bowie Not an imitation not a resurrection he just went back to his spaceship Meme


David Bowie


The Rock







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