Nice and juicy hard and strong that passionate stroke that's ooohhh soo long!! Straddling my ass as he enters me juices flowing from my sea!! Pulling away tasting his warmth enjoying his nature asi watch the growth!! Touching the depth of my throat his juices then passionately squirt!! He turns me over on my side I then bow and start to abide!! Abiding to every dernand and every stroke as in my ass he gently pokes!! My tongue smoothly going up and down the shaft of his dick he's grasping hold of the heets with every lick!! Softly whispering my name as massage his sack with no shame!! Gently I kiss his neck he's savouring every inch with my mouth I lightly pinch!! I beg for him to release in my mouth as he turns me over and plays down south YYYYaaaassss he's tasting soo good as once again get him harder than a piece of wood!! How about my favorite strawberries dvwhip cream on a little warm chocolate around your steel manly tree!! Pineapples to cover yo ur shaft as I lick top of me carmel from your ear as you sing my name under no fear!! How about a sip of Hennessy right from your mouth as your fingers probe my ass and you play down south!! MMMMMMM The sound of his voice makes my body rejoice!! He's making me feel some type of way the veins in my body just won't stay!! They won't stop jumping all over the place I soon imagine his hands around my waist!! The sound of his VOIce in my ear yyyyaaaassss it just brings on a sexual cheer!! Me cheering and screaming out his nde as we make love on the hood of a car in the rain!! Yyyaaasssyyyaaasss yyyaaasss The sound of this man voice if I must say is Boice!!Just the touch of r hands caressing his back she drops toek knees Hy and her tongue fondles his sack!! Massaging his legs on down to his feet making his bociyher special treat!! Placing soft kisses on his chest asthey both withher tongues plays with her breast!!! Kissing every inch of his neck and his ear yyyaaassspeehas made out his face comes a tear!!! Tears of happiness as he reach his height making sure she never leaves his sight!! As she has just caressed his soulnow he's complete his body now feels whole!! Saes now usinghertongue to massage the inches of his manhood making sure it gets hard as a piece of a wood!!! Letting him place his hands around hef throat as she take away every button on his shirt!! Yyyaaasss and as he enters herlwell se makes sure it wraps him as tight as a shell!! And shes more serious than he'll eyer know making her his personal love slave is fosho!! Every inch of hes touch he soon whimper with her tongue she silence him baby hush!! All on hands and knees letting him take Her as he please!! he ready for a strong intellectual sex roundhearing only the moans and groans from a grown man sound!! Making sure allis well and donesinging the friendship inspiration song!! As she imagines him inside of her how she's riding slow him in and out yyyaaassss oooohhhh wow Ive just got mine waiting on o it might work better from behind!! Turn me over and hits me from the back and when you slow down ill pick up the slack!!!ooohhh yyyaaasss you have just exploded all in me I adore the juices swimming in my sea!! Imagine me sucking the juices until you are drained because I am your personal toy slave!! My tongue up and down the shaft of our dick my pussy guiding as if it was a stick shift!! Shifting it to the pace of his ydesire our bodies in a flame of fire!! HR found one of my staff members' poetry that she was writing at work Meme










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