NEWS Pagani Has Unveiled The Staggeringly Beautiful And Sensationally Fast Huayra Roadster Via @carthrottlenews - Excuse us if we’re feeling a bit faint Pagani has taken the wraps off the Huayra Roadster and its epic 760bhp V12 - As with the hard-top the Huayra sits on a monocoque made of the coolest-sounding material in the world carbotanium but it skims knowledge gained from the ballistic Huayra BC project to improve outright performance - Check out these numbers It’s actually 80kg lighter than the coupe it’s going to be 30 seconds or so to the 62mph benchmark not much more to hit 100mph and a top speed somewhere in the region of LOTS The 380mm brakes are as big as some superminis’ wheels and the staggeringly gorgeous forged aluminium wheels measure 20 inches at the front and 21 at the back - New suspension components are mostly responsible for the weight saving They are made out of a Pagani-developed lightweight aluminium alloy it calls HiForg which cuts 25 per cent out of each piece’s weight - The engine is a bespoke V12 built by Mercedes-AMG with two turbos pushing torque all the way up to 737lb ft - More numbers The Huayra Roadster only weighs about as much as an Audi TT at 1280kg and with the benefit of new aero flaps at both ends which optimise downforce both on the road and the track it can achieve lateral G-force measuring 18G Yes really - To reach 1G lateral acceleration on the road you need a great car ultimate confidence in the surface and a bucket of bravery pills so 18G is likely to apply to the track where it’s well beyond the understanding of mere mortals And for that matter all the sickeningly rich people who’ve bought one of the 100 that will be built - Obviously they’ve all already sold at the asking price of about £193 million Did we also mention that it’s incredibly breath-stealingly stunning? If you ever see one on the road it might just be the greatest moment of your life Meme



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