NEWS Audi ha revealed a facelifted RS3 packing the updated 25-litre inline-five fromthe RS3 Saloon and TT RS Via @carthrottlenews - Audi’s stonkingly fast RS3 quietly went out of production part way through last year but now it’s back with a slightly new face and a new heart - The ‘heart’ in question is the overhauled 25-litre turbocharged inline-five first seen in the TT RS and the incoming RS3 saloon putting out 395bhp and 354lb ft - an increase of 33bhp and 11lb ft when compared to the old car - It’s a lighter engine shedding 33kg over the old unit thanks to an aluminium crankcase among other things There’s a new dual injection system too plus a valvelift feature “for moderate fuel consumption at low and partial load as well as more spontaneous throttle response and a high level of tractive power at full load” Lovely - With its newfound power the four-wheel drive RS3 Sportback will hit 62mph from rest in just 41 seconds - 01sec quicker than a Mercedes-AMG A45 and bang on the time of the RS3 saloon The top speed mirrors the saloon too it’s the usual 155mph electronic limiter which can be bumped up to 174mph should you tick the right option box - Compared to a boggo A3 Sportback the suspension is 25mm lower with the track by 20mm at the front and the wheel arches flared to suit The brake discs are 370mm whoppers at the front with eight piston callipers with 310mm rotors squeezed by monoblock callipers at the rear If you want posh carbon ceramics rotors those are optional - On the inside you might notice the presence of Audi’s virtual cockpit system which found its way into the rest of the A3 range last year You might also notice the automatic gear selector sorry guys like the last RS3 it’s powered by a seven-speed ‘S Tronic’ dual-clutch transmission only - The car will make its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month Meme





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