neuxue Okay I know we always go on about Marvel's uncanny casting ability But if you thought they were the only ones let me draw your attention to this man Viggo Mortensen aka Aragorn son of Arathorn Earth would hike often for more than a day to remote filming locations in costume for the sake of authenticity was the best swordsman Bob Anderson swordsmasterinstructor for LotR Pirates of the Caribbean etc says he has ever trained occasionally writes poetry more book!canon than film!canon but um hello does all his own stunts lived all over and speaks about 23940209384 languages you know that scene at the end of Fellowship when he's fighting the Uruk- hai? And one throws a dagger at him and he hits it away with his sword? Yeah the guy who threw it was supposed to miss but accidentally threw it directly at Viggo Who just casually Aragorned and hit it away They actually cast Aragorn to play Aragorn obtrta Can I just add a few things? Would randomly give chocolates to the hobbits According to John Rhys-Davis aka Gimli whenever you have a large cast one or two actors will naturally become the leaders Guess who ended up in that role Single-handedly convinced cast and crew to camp out to shoot a scene in the sunrise Once hit a wild rabbit with his car by accident Promptly stopped his car and went to see if the rabbit was dead needed a vet or if the only merciful thing to do was to finish killing him The rabbit was dead Viggo realized he was hungry So he took the rabbit made a fire by the roadside and ate it According to cast and crew sometimes you'd just see him disappear in the middle of the night and suddenly he'd come back with fish he'd caught Had his sword with him at all times Slept with once The best horse rider of the cast hands down Rides better than lots of pros according to a horse trainer Couldn't bear to part with his horse at the end of the shooting so he bough him The next movie of his also involved horses and he bought his horse in that one too Knows how to survive in the wild I'm not kidding Hand-stitched a few things in his costume for an authentic l live away from civilization Ranger feel Also told the weapons department to make him a small bow because Aragorn lives in the wild he needs a hunting bow or he'll starve to death- literally nobody else had thought about that Also requested a small stone to sharpen his sword Suggested that Aragorn would take Boromir's arm guards after his death Speaking of hand-stitching once he was touring Japan with a reporter for an article Walked into a store took a tshirt bought it cut off the print and hand-stitched it into the hat he was wearing The reporter was going ????????? the entire time o Peter Jackson literally sometimes called him Aragorn by accident mybrainrots Reblogging to add that Viggo wasn't their first choice They were already into filming when they realized whoever they had cast was not the right choice How lucky did they get that Viggo was available on no notice? spectralarchers The original actor they cast as Aragorn was Stuart Townsend and a day before shooting began they realized he was too young for the role When Peter Jackson called up Viggo Mortensen to ask Viggo didn't answer at first and said he'd call the next day to give his answer When he asked his son Henry about it Henry told him to take the job as Henry was a big fan of the series Henry went on to cameo as an orc in the Pelenor battle earinafae I didn't think I could love this man anymore but here I go He is Aragorn son of Arathorn You owe him your allegiance Meme











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