Myths About Men That Need To Be Eradicated 1 That we don't like cuddlin' I will cuddle your brains out I will cuddle you so good you will walk funny the next day 2 We're not all emotionally stunted sex driven idiots who think that women are some enigma 3 Men are worse parents and less nurturing than women 4 Just because I need to be physically attracted to a girl I'd like to date doesn't imply I only like girls for their looks 5 That if we like kids we're pedophiles 6 Men shouldn't cry Screw you I ain't made out of stone 7 That men cannot ever be victims of sexual assault 8 That men cannot ever be the victims of domestic abuse by a female partner 9 That men can't be affectionate we just fake it for sex 10 That we don't get harshly judged for our appearance and specifically our height 11 I'm not talking to you just because I want to bone you 12 That as a man and father I'm incapable of changing diapers feeding and nurturing my children taking my kids to the park am generally clueless when it comes to making decisions about household matters can't grocery shop can't sew or cook and generally have no clue what to do with my kidshousemoney 13 Ladies really we have no idea what we did Stop being mad and explain 14 Commercials make us look like bumbling idiots who can't dress ourselves 15 When women say we ALL stereotype women which is really them stereotyping men 16 That men think about sex every 7 seconds I All men like sports 18 That by being sexually attracted to you we are somehow dehumanizing you or objectifying you This can happen but it is not an automatic consequence of a man's sexuality 19 Having a boner doesn't always mean that we're excited it can just happen for no goddamn reason and it doesn't make us more perverted than you girls! 20 That enjoying effeminate things and enjoying women are mutually exclusive srsfunnySome Men Want To See The World Demystified Meme











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