My Tale Naman Adhikari To love you I don't need anyone Not even you The Anonymous Writer - Open letter to the girl who left me - It is one of those rare days during winter when the sun shines and the wind blows cold I sit on the edge of my room's window my legs hanging on the other side of it and the snow-capped mountains of Kashmir in my sight On days like these I think of you I think of us The promises that we made the words that we said On days like these I smile thinking of you Thinking of us The memories that we made and the moments that we shared I know it was short I know it was imperfect But I promise it was rare A kind of love which we do not see nowadays How I wish I could have you beside me on days like these Sitting on the edge of this window we would pour our hearts out and talk for hours I would sip coffee and recite my favourite poetry for you Wearing a sweater that you have knitted for me I would tell you stories that I haven't shared with anyone How I wish on these days to see you laugh at the stupid jokes that I make To see your confused expression when I recite some really strange trivial facts about some random celebrities whom you don't know How I wish on these days to tell you that you are loved Loving you is as involuntary as breathing To tell you that you are deep inside me where important things are kept where the cold doesn't freeze you or the heat doesn't burn you You are in my heart But alas nothing that I had planned for us came to fruition Somewhere down the wire the insecurities and distances crept in And if I cut you off honey the truth is that it was you who handed me the scissors Sitting on the edge of this window I now realise this To love you I don't need anyone not even you ~Naman Adhikari Meme



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