My history teacher is a genocide-endorsing communist who pushes her opinions on her students Incident rJordanPeterson Today in history class of all classes my teacher who Ill call L was talking to us about American slavery She became teary-eyed asking how anybody could think that slavery was okay This is clearly a reasonable thing to cry about It's absolutely messed up 158k 24k heroes in journey harrowing through hell Welcome to the discourse! This forum is However she continues by pointing to a picture depicting slavery saying This is capitalism dedicated to the work associated with Jordan Peterson a public intellectual clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto A few in the class explode with anger There are a few outspoken classmates who are reasonable and well-educated people One who I'll call C says Thats absurd! Here is how the conversation continued L Why is it absurd? C You're the one making the claim back it up! Me He's got a point! That which can be asserted without evidence can be refuted without evidence L Okay Well slavery is done for increased profits because of the increased profit And capitalism is the chasing of profits Me What about the gulags? L Well they were criminals Me I didn't know disagreeing with the government was an enslaveable offense L Something to stop the discussion like ah I forget what she said specifically JOIN CREATE POST COMMUNITY OPTIONS Imagine if a teacher had said Being Jewish was a crime therefore the Jews killed in the Holocaust were criminals and thus the Holocaust wasn't as bad as American slavery LETTERS TO DR JORDAN PETERSON That would not go over well Write an open letter to Dr Jordan B Peterson udrjordanbpeterson Many letters have great public interest and utility People are relating experiences and thoughts that could be genuinely helpful to others facing the same situations However not everybody in the class heard me over the chatter I spoke to those who had not heard me after class They thought she hada reasonable argument until they'd heard me out If L had let opposing viewpoints express their opinions in an unbiased manner a healthy discussion could have emerged However she decided to push her political agenda onto her students which is not allowed in my area SUBMIT LETTER Now when I heard that professors brainwashing college students is a driving factor of the current political climate I was skeptical How can a few influences affect a whole popu lation? LETTER ARCHIVE I guess it happens the same way Hitler convinced a whole country to become ruthless monsters WELCOME TO THE DISCOURSE However my teacher won't get fired as she should This is because the school system in America is run like a mini Jordan Peterson's goal is to strengthen the communist Utopia where tenure not merit dictates pay and hiringsfirings individual Life contains tragedy and evil The On a tangent there is one option for food which is provided by the government The food is subpar and expensive as hell Competition with the government-provided lunch is strictly prohibited hero's journey justifies the burden of being by pursuing truth making order out of chaos The alternative is deceiving yourself with ideology and PS Before this L said she vowed never to give all students an A without reading their work She said quality of work should dictate grade I trust you're intelligent enough to see her hypocrisy here nihilism So take yourself seriously know the monster within you and become a responsible person with an integrated character My history teacher is a genocide-endorsing communist Meme











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