My girlfriend made me go with her to the flower shop Wasn't thrilled until this dude showed up and sat in front of me Reddit ucarl gordon jenkins @DrSmashlove Y’all know I don’t really obsess over sports but last night I seent a miracle Vikings were losing to the Saints with 10 seconds left A lot was riding on this game because the winner would go to the NFC Championship Everyone thought the Saints had it in the bag Case Keenum the QB for the Vikings throws a pass and it’s caught by a young brother named Stefon Diggs When Diggs gets the ball it’s five seconds left In this situation the receiver Diggs is suppose to immeejally run out of bounds so the Vikings could kick a field goal Keenum yells “GET OUT OF BOUNDS!” Coach Mike Zimmer - only yards away - is yelling at Diggs “GET OUT OF BOUNDS!” Saints safety Marcus Williams came in at four seconds left to take out Diggs - a fraction of a second after the catch - and he misses If he had connected and Diggs had fallen game over But God had another plan Diggs landed clean AF turnt around and ran in for a touchdown This was the first time in NFL history that a playoff game ended on a game winning touchdown as time expired That’s not a typo - what Diggs did has never happened ever Plainly the young brother made history In the post game interview Diggs said “all I can say is give it to God Because without him nothing is possible and I wouldn’t be here soDAMN THAT SH!T FEEL GOOD!” 😂 Before I continue let me provide a little background on Diggs’ life Diggs’ father Aron was a former basketball player Aron signed his son up for football at the ripe age of five and mentored him to become the best player in the state of Maryland and the second best in his position nationwide But Aron never even seen his son play high school football because he died when Diggs was 14 Since then Diggs has assumed the role of a father figure to both of his brothers Trevon and Darez Diggs himself lost his father figure but he still stepped up Because he had to Because that was God’s plan Sometimes on the way to realizing God’s blessings you endure hardship I believe that these tests prepare u for the blessing Minneapolis stand up Maryland stand up All of those who give it to God when we chalk up a win stand up! Bless up ❤️ Meme



Bless up








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