My friends and I like to play drinking games and last night we made our own Drunk Jenga We had ton of fun so I thought I'd share Here's what we wrote on the tiles -2 Truths and a Lie-Tell two truths and one lie everyone mu ess which was the lie You drink for every person correc -Accent- You must speak in an accent for the rest of the game -Arm Wrestle Arm wrestle the person to your left Loser -Aunt Bertha Everyone gets to pinch your cheeks -Baby Got Back- Give a drink to the person with the best ass -Bar Wench-You have to fetch everyone's drinks -Blind Man Take a block with your eyes closecd -Bob Dole You can only refer to yourself in the third person for the rest of the game -Castaway-You can only talk to inanimate objects for the rest of the game -Compliments-Give a compliment to everyone in the room -Crazy Cat Lady Drink for every cat you have every owned -Crypt Keeper-Oldest person drinks -Embryo-Youngest person drinks -Dance-You have to dance for at least a minute -Date Pick someone to 'date'for the rest of the game when you drink they drink and vice versa -Dick Pic- A dick is drawn on the block you have to take a photo with it and post it on social media or text it to your MomDad Down the Hatch Finish your drink -Edward Scissorhand-You must hold two butterknives for the rest of the game and do everything with them -Find a Hat Find a hat or something that can be a hat and wear it for the rest of the game -Flashback-Go to the Facebook or Instagram of someone not in the room and 'like' one of their photos that is at least a year old -Fresh Meat - Person who most recently had sex drinks -Gary Coleman Shortest person drinks Lurch-Tallest person drinks -Gays- Gay people drink Straights -Straight people drink drink Give 3 Make someone drink 3 times -Hand Switch You can only use your non-dominant hand for the -Kitten Mittens -You must play the rest of the game wearing gloves -Make a rule You make a rule that holds for the rest of the game -Make a Speech -Make a speech for 60 seconds -Mustache draw a mustache on the tile -you have to hold the mustache up to your mouth for the rest of the game including when drinking -Moving Violation Drink if you've had sex in a car drink 2x if the car was moving -Never Have l Ever-play a 3 finger game of never have I ever -Nicknames You assign nicknames to everyone including yourself and people can only use those names for the rest of the game -No Guts No Glory - You can't take any center pieces -Phone Call- Call someone if they don't pick up leave a message -Question Master-You are the question master for the rest of the game if anyone answers a question you ask them they drink -Rewind- Take a block from the top and put it back in the tower can't be on the very bottom row Send a sexy selfie -send a sexy selfie to anyone not in the room No significant others no snapchats Sharing is Caring- Everyone pours a little bit of their drink into a cup you have to shoot the concoction Sibling Rivalry-Drink for every sibling you have Sobriety Test Remove another block while drinking Strip - Remove a piece of clothing Jewelry hats shoes etc me cou The Real Slim Shady -You have to stand for the rest of the game -Time Out Stand with your face in the corner of the room until your next turn No talking or drinking Top Swap- Change shirts with someone T-Rex Arms-You must do everything with T-Rex arms for the rest of the game elbows touching your sides -Tribal Council - Everyone votes person with the most votes finishes their drink Alternative person with the most votes stops playing -Trivia Everyone else comes up with one trivia question to ask you if you lose you drink if you win the person who asked youcame up with the question drinks Truth or Dare You pick then everyone else comes to a consensus of what you have to do -Wasted Education-One drink for every year of education irrelevant to your current job Punishment for knocking down the tower is either chug a beer or take a shot Funny Pictures brought to you by LolSnaps Constant updates of the best funny pictures on the web Meme

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