My first time praying CAP IGI muslim dail @jblunt93 CA This is a brother who's a new revert to islam @jblunt93 May Allah bless him and continue to guide him on this path and make this journey easy for him He's also looking for a good muslim name So If you can I want you to drop some muslim male name suggestions in the comments section below to help him decide COMMENT BELOW Also as some of you may have seen in my story I've started a kinda personal project to help new muslims and non Muslims who are interested in Islam and potentially would want to convert to islam For this I need a few of you to please donate and help me to buy these dawah packs and send them out for free to these people I've already ordered some myself but i need your help to order more Help to Sponsor a Dawah Pack Link in my bio wwwMuslimDailyCharitycom I've currently got dozens of people from across the world who are either new to islam or want to become muslim and need that help and guidance With your help we can give them that Each pack will contain the English translations of the holy Quran and 58 other little publications on many many different topics including how to pray and many more For the UK it'll cost me roughly £7 to buy and send for the rest of the world like the US Europe Canada Australia etc it'll cost between £15-30 to buy and send depending on the location Not only is this just a general good deed in helping someone to learn about islam but this is a form of sadaqa Jariya continuous charity Let me give you an example Say if you sponsor a dawah pack and help send one out to a non-Muslim interested in Islam if they then end up converting to islam due to the information you've helped to give them then potentially till yawmul Qiyamah you will continue to have and share of that reward In terms of Islam for every good deed the person does you have a share of the reward and even of their children and their childrenas long as they practice islam and teach it to their off springs you have and share of the reward So you're not only helping someone learn more about islam or maybe convert to islam but also on the day of judgement you'll be rewarded greatly for it in'shaa'Allah Link in b Meme











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