My alasses! I can see evepthing wthout my glasses VeIma Stop prepare to be jinkied philosophy-and-coffee vosh-daemon theangriestlittleunicorn csdragon icecreamsandwichcomics Unfinished comic from a long time ago that wasn’t ever going to be completed It makes absolutely no sense but honestly in its current state i think it’s the funniest thing so I’m not adding to it Anyway Posting a video later today Expect that Anddd uhh yeah see you then Fred’s got enough problems containing one eldritch beast Hot take everyone in the gang is some sort of all powerful being except for Fred who is just a dude who managed to harness each of them befriend them and rope them into helping him live out his dream of solving mysteries! Release them Fredward Jones Your hubris will become your undoing… Hotter take Freddy doesn’t actually know The rest of the gang took those mortal forms to fuck with people but they were so endeared by earnest want to solve mysteries and help people that they’re along for the ride And hey if Shaggy gets bodyslammed hard enough that it should have snapped his spine and he gets up fine after who notices? And if Velma knows things that she shouldn’t know on occasion things that would have been impossible to notice without some kind of foresight or omniscience- hey just a coincidence right? And if Daphne conveniently has a medley of strange skills- hey rich kids are weird right? It’s not too far fetched for her to have a hobbyist interest fencing boxing ballroom dancing knitting sewing modern and antique fashions and whatever else is relevant to the case at hand And as we all know Scooby Doo is canonically related to an elder god anyways Meme





Scooby Doo






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