midnight-spectrum-again drrockbell i-am-corbin-dallas thehttydblog im-a-hyperion-vault-hunter fernacular fernacular urhella-gaychloe keithislactoseintolerant wishem sherlock-im-not-gay zomibom lifeofcynch gabbyzvolt25 kvothe-kingkiller petroleum-hare empresspinto blixart shoutsofthunder swagginsloths blixart how to draw arms ? ? holy fuck holy fuck is right… but… does it work with legs??? yes !! but how much extend ^^^^^^^^^^ I NEARLY CHOKED ENJFDFNFATFVFDF finally i can be accurate This is too fucking great to not reblog I give it MASCLES BIG MACHO 🤣🤣 LMAOOOOOO Okay but for anyone who legit wants to know how to calculate it correctly The elbow joint on average rests a couple inches higher than the navel so if you measure how long the distance is from the middle of the shoulder to that point then you have the length of the upper and fore arms! So if anyone’s wondering about legs too the simplest rule of thumb is that the length from the top of the leg to the knee is equal to the distance between the top of the leg and the bottom of the pectorals And I wanna stress that when i say “top of the leg” i’m not talking about the crotch please don’t flag me tumblr it’s an anatomical term i’m talking about the point where the femur connects to the pelvis which is higher up on the hips It’s easier to see what I’m talking about in this photo of a man squatting So yeah if you use that measurement when using this technique you should get fairly realistically proportioned legs But remember! messing with proportions is an important and fun part of character design! Know the rules first so you can then break them however you please! HOW THE HELL DID I FIND THIS POST OMG Licherally in the midst of drawing a guy and crying at how bad the arms are Thanks Tumbles I only ever saw the part where people started drawing the limbs outrageously long and genuinely wanted to know how to fix that so I’m really thankful to see the rest Love this Meme











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