macthe pitbull b Updates!! So many grab some popcorn 1 This little fighter is a special pup in South Carolina that nearly died on us She is supposed to have a cleft palate but oddly there is a bit of a gray area here She has been in an emergency vet clinic getting mega treatments since Sunday There is a question on what is actually wrong with her but she has gained weight and is looking great right now She is stable and being released today to a friend of ours who will foster her until after mom gets back from her road trip with the wobblers to Best Friends Then she will need to be transported from SC to MO Aunt Kassian has been a mega help here! 2 Gem had a setback šŸ’” She was supposed to be released yesterday but the small opening in her soft palate leaked the gruel yesterday and it came out of her nose They have gone back to tube feeding her and will recheck her surgical site potentially for a second palate surgery in a couple of days They closed up the hard palate and it looks amazing but that little hole further down her throatsoft palate is going to be a pain in the booty apparently She is playing and loving the 247 attention she gets from all of the staff that love her She has become the VSS mascot of sorts 3 The wobblers Sam I Can and Liberty Belle They have cerebullar Hypoplasia which isn't technically wobblers They have their health certs and mom is picking up the rental car today They will be arriving to Best Friends in Utah on Friday!! There they will get a mega workup and access to an amazingly unlimited supply of treatments and therapies Everyone who has meet these babies know this is their single change with how severe they both are We simply have no convenient therapies that may be able to help them here like they do at their finger tips there 4 Lacey is growing her hair back and hanging at the annex I am staying with her so she isn't so lonely while mom is gone and my grunts are taking rotations to stay there and be the snugglers squad Lacey is ready for adoption through my local shelter!! 5 Yesterday through paypal alone you all helped us raise $4105 before paypal fees!!!! This is perfect especially since we just got an updated total for Gems care yesterday and she is at $3700 for this visit We are all in on her care 6 Mom has 8 macCrackers sculpted and is passing them off to be painted we WILL have that auction soon!! Since my mom is the artist it is hard to get her in one place to do any art lately BOL 7 Mom will design the yearly limited edition Mac's Fan Club over this trip and have it ready to launch in the next couple of weeks Who has one from each year?! 8 The 2017 calendars are almost finished up and soon will head to the printer My grunt just has a couple more months to go 9 We are waiting for our first inspections from the Dept of Ag for our state rescue license and will be excited when this process is over so we here at the mission can do our own adoption process and apply for grants and stuff If we don't get this then we can't foster down there anymore and that will make us all heartbroken We can't foster the same things inside the house and at the annex 10 We are hanging on with the building fund we have the property purchased outright We have $59000 roughly sitting in the building fund but need $300000 for the project Sigh it feels like it will take forever to build the facility but we can only do this on donations This team is pitbull strong and will keep moving forward 11 The artist auction is wrapping upTHANK YOU!! and items are getting shipped as they are getting paid for The two grunts doing this both have full time jobs along with this volunteer work so please be patient with us If you have any questions please email us or private message us 12 2016 TAX RECEIPTS if you need anything with taxes from us please email us or private message us Our grunt who does this works hard at getting them all out but we don't want to have forgotten anyone 13 Photos with Santa is a GO!! Mom is flying back from Utah on Saturday from dropping off wobblers so she can make it back in time to do the photography for my Santa fundraiser at Mutts this Sunday from 3-5 The rental care cost us over $700 and the airfare $90 but this is what we do get the wobblers to Best Friends and get mom home for the mega event SHE has to photograph Anything else? Who knows it is crazy around here most days now BOL!! Love MacBusyBee Meme


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