lord-kitschener Obviously I want you to take care of your pets and make sure they get food and fresh water on a regular basis but cats being huge drama queens and screaming hysterically at you and acting like they're tragic famine victims who haven't eaten in weeks and are about to drop dead from starvation right mcfuckin now because you're 10 minutes late feeding them is always going to be one of the funniest things to me artaeum the cat who lives at the vet clinic i volunteer at was mad yesterday because his dinner was half an hour late due to a busy day he proceeded to go to all the empty dw garbage cans and tried to knock them over and started desperately scavenging for scraps of food because obviously no one loves him or cares about him and if he must eat garbage to survive then so be it instructionsfordancing not food related but one time my cat cried at me for 20 minutes before i worked out that the reason why she was upset was because there was a coat hanger on her favourite cushion lord-kitschener This is absolutely beautiful and changed my life thank you so much Please protect her from hangers at all costs catsuggest wow am STORVING and humaines here making joke laugh at cate honger ?! goldenmeme My cat is a social eater who is not food motivated at all so I was baffled when I first got him because he didn't seem to care about food but he would SCREAM at me for hours when I knew his bowl was full Any time l went to double check that he did indeed have food he'd book it to the bowl and snarf like his life depended on it but as soon as l walked away he'd follow me screaming again Eventually I figured out that he just wanted a dining companion and was screaming about how we're a family and families eat together god damnit! I moved his food bowl under my computer desk and it fixed the problem But if I'm ever out for more than 12 hours I'll come home to find him in a passive-aggressive kitty huff because dinner has been ready for hours but he's been trying to be considerate unlike some humans and waiting for me to eat it teashoesandhair Things my cat has cried at I wouldn't let her jump on top of the burning hot stove I moved my coat so that she couldn't scale the kitchen chair and jump on people's shoulders when they walked past I didn't scratch her cheek firmly enough She ate her entire meal allowance for the day in one sitting at 9am and was famished by 10am I didn't let her sit behind me on the toilet seat I wouldn't let her eat toothpaste I wouldn't let her eat the cork from a wine bottle I wouldn't let her eat the straw that my rabbit had pissed on Cats are inherently ridiculous creatures and this is why they are perfect wishyroses Cats are like two year olds but sharp Source lord-kitschener 122537 notes Mine would bang on the mirror every morning for his breakfast It was just leaning against the wall and pretty flimsy so it was LOUD Meme











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