lol just got to this small kickback they've been playing Mo bamba for the 5th time already My dog Tyreke put me on to a halloween party we went to over the weekend Boy told me it’s from this white girl he met on tinder I seen Get out Boy was hard headed He never met her but he wanted me to come with him to the party So I went Party was a L off the strength they was blasting logic from the door You don’t do that Then the boy on the aux threw on Mo bamba That shit be crumping when your myPlayer loading up in 2k Literally all the white girls put down they pumpkin spice lattes and slid right out of thier uggs I done seen them form the most congruent electric slide ever seen I got called Jamal about 4 times and Tyrone twice One girl was twerking and her knees caps were smacking together like a sword fight That looks bloody painful mate I seen this one slutty nurse pull up on me to throw it back I received the most detrimental twerk from this girl Kathy Kathy if you reading this go home and don’t come back The booty was like some unseasoned chicken cutlets I grabbed her sharp ass hip bones and tried thrusting for this twerk I tried to catch a wine with a booty that had 2% booty fat Felt like I was slapping my meat on a cutting board By the 5th time the song came on the cops pulled up It was a fight outside When Sheck Wes said “Oh! Fuck! Shit! Bitch!” I felt that spiritually Me and Tyreke fled the scene like 2 legendary Pokémon Nigga had the nerve to play it in the car I made him take the bus home That boy Momba better win rookie of the year on God Meme











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