Lil Juan @RichlonelyJuan Somebody put something in her drink anyways me and my brother bout to rape this bitch 29m thorsies lonely-diamond-s electriker thunderandmischieftwobrothers of-jotunheim-asgard-and-newyork caligulasnightmare naked-fame sams-supernatural-dick snail-monger snail-monger jollymermaid crippledbypizza thisshitfunny prettypussyprincess fuckthisblogshit Why twitter whyyyyy ???? 😩😩😩😩 no chill the year just started stop dude they like fucking potentially killed her this is not funny at all im not even kidding when i say we need to do something if he wont call the police we need to we need to fucking find out his number or where hes at etc and report this im not even kidding this is beyond fucked up and im actually so pissed off right now that this is a real thing happening right now this is absolutely not ok I’m reporting this to twitter and if anyone knows how to look up someone on twitter to report them please look into this! Ok so I did a little research and here’s what I found He’s 17 and most likely lives in Maryland Either Bowie most Laurel or Largo and I used his twitter friend and looked him up on fb to find a city although who knows if his friend has anything to do with this so laurel high is indeed in maryland lets get this viral guys You guys seemed to forgotten about the “brother”… ^ LOOK AT THE RTFAVORITES ^ Not to mention his numerous supporters… here’s a few But I think the most horrifying part is this retweet made during all of this… Someone please tell me if this has been resolved and this dick muncher has been arrested?? it’s people like that who shouldn’t reproduce and make me want to have my torturous tendancies again So many things I could do to an ass like that Sorry for reblogging this again and hijacking the thread but here’s some info on the missing girl Anyone who believes they may know Clarks’s present location or who has other information that might assist efforts to locate her is asked to call the police tip line at 919 834-HELP guys this HASN’T been solved yet the guy “IH8UHOES” is still on twitter and boasting about his crime PLEASE CALL THE NUMBER AND DO WHATEVER YOU CAN IN YOUR POWER TO BRING THIS TO JUSTICE Im looking at his tweets from over the last week or twoHe needs to be stoppedthis is disgusting and everyone is calling him a ufcking ‘Rape God’ hes so smug with himselfSPREAD THIS EVERYWHEREHE IS HORRIFICI CANT BELIEVE THERE ARE PEOPLE LIKE HIM ALIVE Thankfully she’s been found Still this guy has not been arrested yet People on twitter are asking him to rape them congratulating him for raping this poor girl and he has been encouraging others to do the same He needs to be stopped Meme







No chill




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