libertybill jooshcraft theyoungpatriot1776 friendlyalien klubbhead friendly-neighborhood-ehrhardt thestarsareundecided landysbear kompanie-mutter the-mighty-birdy friendly-neighborhood-patriarch libertybill libertybill libertybill Uh hey CNN why? HEY UH NYT?? WHY?? HEY UH WASHINGTON POST UH??? WHY??? Eeeyup In a world of these chucklefucks ironically be Buzzfeed holy shit WHAT THE FUCK CNN Isn’t she the Minister of Propaganda or something? propaganda guru communications aide administrative gatekeeper yes our friends over at nbc also used some creepily similar phrasing to the other major news sources above btw including comparing her to ivanka trump although the headline for their piece is more neutral & less glowing theyre still treating her like some kind of celebrity & comparing her favorably to various member of the trump administrationfamily i cant believe buzzfeed had to be a voice of reason in the press here buzzfeed that is horrifying We’ve jumped timelines AGAIN The terrifying timeline where I have to agree with goddamn Buzzfeed This feels vaguely like those occasions where an Onion article hits too close to the truth Vaguely Attractive Communist Woman Lauded by Media Following Gulag PR Campaign Don’t forget this shit when they try it again Those who don’t learn history and all that whatnot 🤦🏾‍♀️ Meme










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