leviathanthefallenangel sixpenceee Meet Phoebe Kannisto and her six beautiful sons all of whom are on an even more beautiful mission They’ve all decided to grow and donate their hair to the young patients in need The guys who signed up for this are Kannisto’s oldest son Andre 10 years old 8-year-old identical twin sons Silas and Emerson and 5-year-old fraternal triplets Herbie Reed and Dexter The 2-year-old daughter Marah Taylor had to sit this one out because her hair was still a bit too short Monday was the day to make good on their promise so they went to the local Hizair Hair Salon which not only cut all those 17 feet of hair but also refused to take any payment even working after hours Eventually the goods were then delivered to the Children with Hair Loss an organization that provides hair replacements for kids with medically related hair loss Of course the cutting part wasn’t the hard one as the guys were growing their hair from one year to even five And during that some kids even got bullied at school because of it But luckily they’ve developed “a thick skin” which helped them ignore the criticism and keep their sights on their goal which is helping others in need Kannisto said she’s “so proud” of her boys “I love that they want to help other children” she told HuffPost “They’re already making predictions on how long it will take them to grow their hair out to donate again” Source This is so cute and it needs more notes Meme











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