Lateef LateefSaka We never gave dreamworks enough credit for not whitewashing Prince of Follow Egypt and Joseph King of Dreams GIF 39 AM-12 Jun 2018 6144 Retweets 14086 Likes 00 The Mother of Dragging @AdrianXpression Followv Who were the voice actors? Lateef @LateefSaka We never gave dreamworks enough credit for not whitewashing Prince of Egypt and Joseph King of Dreams Show this thread 539 AM -14 Jun 2018 654 Retweets 1741 Likes The Prince of Egypt 1998 DramaFantasy 1h 40m OVERVIEW CAST SOUNDTRACK REVIEWS SIMILAR Val Kilmer Ralph Fiennes Sandra Bullock Moses God Ramses Miriam Michelle PfeifferSteve Martin Jeff Goldblum Zipporah Hotep Aaron <p><a href=httplibertypicaltumblrcompost174898262426cisnowflake-theambassadorpostspretends-to-be class=tumblr_blog>libertypical<a><p> <blockquote><p><a href=httpcisnowflaketumblrcompost174897586136theambassadorpostspretends-to-be-shocked-who class=tumblr_blog>cisnowflake<a><p> <blockquote><p><a href=httpstheambassadorpoststumblrcompost174895998831pretends-to-be-shocked class=tumblr_blog>theambassadorposts<a><p><blockquote><p style=>*pretends to be shocked*<br><p><blockquote> <p>Who<p><p>The <b>FUCK<b><p><h2><b>CARES?!<b><br><h2><blockquote> <p>they deliberately left out Danny Glover Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey and forgot to mention that Sandra Bullock and Jeff Goldblum have Jewish heritage <p><p>In a story important to Jews and Christians they hired Jews and Christians<p><blockquote> <p>Also completely left out Ofra Haza who played Moses’ mother and is legit 100% Israeli <p><p>You guys are fucking exhausting<p> Meme




mariah carey



the voice


whitney houston


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