largely Latino community told me that he's starting to see a trend of minors coming into the clinic with physical symptoms of headaches stomach pain nausea and a general ill feeling After running a series of tests and finding nothing there to explain the symptoms he sat down to ask additional extensive questions that would provide him a window into the lives of the patients In doing so he found that these symptoms were a manifestation of fear and anxiety over the possibility of losing their parents and family members to deportation It is heartbreaking to hear that these young children are so stressed over the possibility of their families being torn apart and their lives being flipped upside down that they are coming into the clinic so physically overwhelmed they need to seek help yet easing the symptoms won't cure what is causing the problem There's no medicine for the fear being spurred by Trump's administration These are innocent children whose daily lives are filled with the constant fear of having everything ripped away Agh I can't hold back the tears 😢💔💔💔So even if you are not directly impacted by this culture of fear that is being pushed by the new administration take a moment to put yourselves in the circumstances of those who are Remember that we're all human and all deserve love support and compassion Don't stand in silence and be passive and condemn others to live a life full of fear and hate because that's our president now and your family is safe Stand up and speak up because it's wrong and dehumanizing specific groups of people shouldn't sit right with you❤✊🏽 ・・・ Repost @bpad1791 nobannowall solidarityispower Meme











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