bootymax: sasstrid-and-dorkcup: snowprincess-artist: flammendemanips: Frozen vs HTTYD: Snow I love this comparison. Disney animated snow here to be soft and heavy. I think they even developed a whole software just for animating snow! They add a lot more vivid color, like the blues in the shadows and the oranges in the light. Obviously, the way they animate catches the eye easier because of its strong color and bouncy movement. Characteristic and still reminiscent of the classic Disney movies. Dreamworks made the snow here look powdery, like it had just fallen. Look how it kind of “explodes” and clouds up like dust when it’s hit with such a great impact. It’s less colored by light, but it still looks very real. Dreamworks puts so much love and detail into their animation, making it look so real you feel like you can reach out and touch it. Both Disney and Dreamworks make movies that are amazing to look at. I could stare at the details forever. This is the kind of animation and positivity i need on my dash. …*sighs* such beauty… This is legit the first Disney/Dreamworks comparison i’ve ever seen on my dash that hasn’t been aggressively one-sided i’m shocked