l don't know what you guys are complaining about If you want to make it through JUST BE YOURSELF! CHARLIEBINKTUMBLRCOM palestinianliberator setfabulazerstomaximumcaptain sonic-hip-attack canikon-bokeh Exactly Imagine a wall full of circular holes that circles can keep walking in and out of with no difficulty Now imagine that the triangles manage to get the resources together after years of not being able to fit through the circle’s holes to drill a single triangle space into the wall Now imagine that the circle — who previously supported the triangle’s efforts because they are well-rounded har and value equality — comes along and sees the construction project But instead of being happy they get angry “Well I won’t be able to fit through your hole!!!!” the circle cries “I helped you get the drill!!!!” the circle shrieks “Make it fit me too!!!!” the circle demands The triangles barely holding it together enough to get a triangle hole together stare at the circle in confusion “You have all the holes you need” the triangles explain “This is for us You don’t need to fit through our hole too” “YOU’RE BEING UNEQUAL AND HURTING MY FEELINGS!” the circle wails “I DON’T SUPPORT YOUR HOLE IF IT DOESN’T FIT ME TOO GIVE ME MY DRILL BACK” “It’s not your drill it’s our drill You helped us get it because you said you cared” “I ONLY CARED WHEN I THOUGHT YOU’D MAKE A HOLE EVERYONE COULD FIT THROUGH YOU’RE PERPETUATING INEQUALITY!!!” “Why is it up to us the small group that has never been able to fit through the wall at all to make a hole everyone can use? Why isn’t it up to you the people who have been able to cross back and forth at will for years? We just want to see the other side why are you yelling at us?” “I DIDN’T ASK TO BE BORN A CIRCLE OMG I’VE HAD TO WORK HARD ALL MY LIFE TOO YOU’RE JUST BEING BIGOTED AGAINST ME BECAUSE OF SOMETHING I CAN’T CONTROL JUST LIKE EVERYONE IS AGAINST YOU” “You are interfering with our project and asking us to comfort you while we’re trying to make progress Please leave” “I’m going to tell everyone about this” the circle warns “Nobody will support you now” “Apparently nobody ever did” the triangles sigh getting back to work It’s kind of sad That we have to draw comics using colorful shapes To explain systematic inequality to people Reblogging again because yes good Meme







I Won




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