KRYSTAL id 71295 9 4rs 63 bs of Perfection S payed a w aiting at Manhattan ACC The brightest s mile the happiest he art A super s we et senior who is great with people & other dogs to ol A GEM INTAKE DATE – 832019 A warm loving super sweet senior with the brightest happiest smile and biggest heart is dreaming of a new family who will love her in her golden years An absolute GEM of a dog! <3 A volunteer writes “We have our own Laughing Cow at the Manhattan Care Center! Krystal is her name ready to be your loving and loyal best friend for ever She has the best engaging smile a tail that could be called a fan and the brightest and happiest eyes She might have been a bit shaken up upon arrival but she very much made up for it as she is now quite a pleasant dog to be with She is a fantastic walker a perfect sitter and a paw shaker! Let's not forget that she loves to give and receive kisses I think that once in a home she will heartily play ball which she started to do with us at the care center Krystal is best friend material sure to make a new owner happy to have given her a home Krystal is at the Manhattan Care Center dreaming to be yours” Volunteer Evelyne Cumps writes “KRYSTAL71295 9 year old spayed OS Level2 she was scared when she came in but it is all forgotten She has a wonderful smile loves company is fine with other dogs and loves to play ball A great walker and likely HT She is presently in iso for a few days now Always a pleasure to be with her the minutes pass unfortunately too fast She is great company and has a wonderful OS profile!” If you can give this amazing girl a loving retirement home please do not wait Message our page or email us at MustLoveDogsNYC@gmailcom for assistance saving her life MY MOVIES Sweet and lively Krystal httpsyoutubeRsSEKAWOllM Krystal likes to have fun httpsyoutubex0FKN385TCQ Krystal is a friendly and playful gal httpsyoutube2DyfVk_38MA Krystal and Max Webster in Playgroup httpsyoutubeXX8qZxyULho Aladdin and Krystal in Playgroup httpsyoutubeSDo2pAhtDdo KRYSTAL ID# 71295 9 yrs old 63 lbs Spayed Female Manhattan ACC Large Mixed Breed Brown Brindle Owner Surrender Reason Shelter Assessment Rating LEVEL 2 No young children under 5 Medical Behavior Rating Yellow BEHAVIOR NOTES Means of surrender length of time in previous home Owner Surrender Previously lived with Adults Behavior toward strangers Sniffs them does not interact Behavior toward children Fiendly affectionate playful relaxed and respectful Resource guarding None reported Bite history None reported Housetrained Yes Energy leveldescriptors Krystal is described as friendly affectionate playful and excitable with a medium level of activity SHELTER ASSESSMENT SUMMARIES - DATE OF ASSESSMENT 842019 Leash Walking Strength and pulling Light Reactivity to humans None Reactivity to dogs None Leash walking comments None Sociability Loose in room 15-20 seconds Distracted does not approach – active exploring environment Call over Approaches readily Sociability comments Body soft sniffing room comes when called Handling Soft handling Accepts contact Exuberant handling Accepts contact Handling comments Body soft stands still Arousal Jog Follows loose Arousal comments None Knock Approaches loose Knock Comments None Toy No response Toy comments None PLAYGROUP NOTES - DOG TO DOG SUMMARIES 84 When introduced off leash to the male greeter dog Krystal greets briefly and appears a bit tense She quickly opens up to play 85-89 Krystal greets dogs politely and plays exuberantly with select dogs INTAKE BEHAVIOR Date of intake 3-Aug-2019 Summary Barking and growling MEDICAL BEHAVIOR Date of initial 3-Aug-2019 Summary Tense tucked tail allowed handling ENERGY LEVEL Krystal is described as having a medium level of activity BEHAVIOR DETERMINATION Level 2 Behavior Asilomar H - Healthy Recommendations No young children under 5 Recommendations comments No young children Due to barking and growling when she entered the care center we recommend a home without young children Potential challenges Fearfulpotential for defensive aggression Potential challenges comments Fearfulpotential for defensive aggression When she entered the care center Krystal was growling and barking Please see handout on Fearfulpotential for defensive aggression *** TO FOSTER OR ADOPT *** If you would like to adopt a NYC ACC dog and can get to the shelter in person to complete the adoption process you can contact the shelter directly We have provided the Brooklyn Staten Island and Manhattan information below Adoption hours at these facilities is Noon – 800 pm 630 on weekends If you CANNOT get to the shelter in person and you want to FOSTER OR ADOPT a NYC ACC Dog you can PRIVATE MESSAGE our Must Love Dogs page for assistance PLEASE NOTE You MUST live in NY NJ PA CT RI DE MD MA NH VT ME or Northern VA You will need to fill out applications with a New Hope Rescue Partner to foster or adopt a NYC ACC dog Transport is available if you live within the prescribed range of states Shelter contact information Phone number 212 788-4000 Email adopt@nycaccorg Shelter Addresses Brooklyn Shelter 2336 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn NY 11208 Manhattan Shelter 326 East 110 St New York NY 10029 Staten Island Shelter 3139 Veterans Road West Staten Island NY 10309 *** NEW NYC ACC RATING SYSTEM *** Level 1 Dogs with Level 1 determinations are suitable for the majority of homes These dogs are not displaying concerning behaviors in shelter and the owner surrender profile where available is positive Level 2 Dogs with Level 2 determinations will be suitable for adopters with some previous dog experience They will have displayed behavior in the shelter or have owner reported behavior that requires some training or is simply not suitable for an adopter with minimal experience Level 3 Dogs with Level 3 determinations will need to go to homes with experienced adopters and the ACC strongly suggest that the adopter have prior experience with the challenges described andor an understanding of the challenge and how to manage it safely in a home environment In many cases a trainer will be needed to manage and work on the behaviors safely in a home environment Meme


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